Story of Evil

Information Keel Freesis

Good night of getting our characters together and everything. Here is what happened.

After the group left the sewers they went to go purchase and sell anything that wasn’t needed. Afterwards, they followed Lady to the church for heals, but discovered the head clergyman dead. After talking with a civilian, they discover that the population of the country was blind. They knew nothing of Leon’s death or of the impending invasion to the Land of Green.

After some more talking, Lady decides to embark on locating Keel Freesis for information she did not possess. After some failed attempts she discovered a few things:

1- The party tonight was a trap for the people of green.

2-The princess had Leon killed

3- The sorceress of the castle , Elluka Clockworker. Other known aliases include, Sept, le Magicien and The Sorceress of Time. She came to lucifenia several months back with Pere Noel and subsequently left them and made her way into a seat of power in the castle. She commands powerful agents that progress her agenda in the shadows. She is called that, because she shows up in almost every single important event throughout history. As to her agenda. She seems to be cultivating the princess for something. What exactly I cannot say.

4- Pere Noel is the name of the Circus where the Frost mage, Deux le bleu, (uses similacrums— sent killer snowmen out of. The circus is just a front. In reality it is a group of skilled assassins. There are eight in total. Elluka was one of them under the name of Sept, le Magicien. The others by title are, Un, le Saint Trois, le marchand de sable, Quatre, le masque, Cinq, le Pierot, Six, le Samourai, and Huit, Tireur d’Elite. And I’m afraid nobody knows their motives but them.

5- The necklace has a mate to it. Allen has a sister/brother.

6- The symbol in the sewers, that no one likes to talk about, It is the symbol of Lucifer. The founder of this nation and a cruel conquerer there are even those that claim he was a demon. Elluka set it up. her group took it out because of a fall out between her and the circus.

7- he is going to the party and knows very little about her and Tyrion. Probably knows a lot about her group though. Lady paid for a dance.

So, most of her money later, Lady returns to her group to tell them EVERYTHING.

Remember this Thursday at about 5pm Central time we are meeting and its Christmas Party time.

Current Hero Points left
Lady – 1 (For being the poorest of the group and spending all her money on advancing the plot… per Tom)
Ethan- 2
Kyomi- 2
Tyrion- 0
Weigraf- 1




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