Story of Evil

Original Sin, New guy, and a Twin?!

Hello Everyone,

Been awhile since I’ve done this. Sorry! Don’t hate me! Got a new job and school and stuff. So here is a quick summary of everything for the last 3-4 sessions.

So Elluka told Lady everything from why she is at the castle, to what her mission is to what the weird thing with the kids that brought Tyrion and Lady back to life was. Goal now, get the mirror that was stolen back.

After that, Lady and everyone went to sleep and went to the sewers to try and get the mirror back, but as they got close, the dangers became extraordinarily difficult and the group almost died. They left to go heal. Later, Ethaneus, Kyomi and Lady all went back down to scout. Found some blobs, a hellish angel and a teleporter but no mirror. They accidently got teleported to some random forest. Lady led everyone to the Held where the two kids were and then they found themselves back in lucifenia.

After that, they assumed the guys in the sewers ran for it. The princess commissioned the group to take care of a diplomatic mission to Elphagort. They meet a new guy who likes to hop on random carriages and explore. His name would be variel (kinda reminds me of talon from League of Legends). So they set off with everyone and go into the forest, which turned nasty. The diplomat gets eaten by a giant tiger, so they decide to change either Lady or Kyomi to look like the diplomat and take care of the matters.

They decided the carriage that took off was important, so they go to look for it and find that it had been looted. Lady stays with Allen while the group explores the cave where they looters probably went and find dopple gangers of themselves… soooo…. they attack.

Tyrion fell into a pit… cant seem to climb out…(haha.. the tankest of us all dying in a pit and not in combat.) bu eventually climbed out (REALLY HURT hahaha). After defeating the dopplegangers…. they found some stuff:

31 pp
392 gp
8 gems
2 potions
2 scrolls
1 wand

After that, they can put together thier plan to make kyomi a diplomat and began again on the road to run into a hoard a cockatrices. they killed most of them and then camped for the night. No loot from those things but good EXP.

Good run y’all! :D See you on Tuesday for macros and Thursday for next session!



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