Story of Evil

Party, Rumble and BOOM

Great couple of nights. I know some of us got sick so here is the combo of the last two sessions.

So everyone got dressed and went to the party. we had dinner and danced, talked with people and found out useful info, like the sorceress may be okay.King marlon obviously in love with girl from elphagort.

When about to be honored by the princess, Mirage arcana was cast and people got stuck in a maze with a impossible to hit jester. After the spells were “dispelled”, the sorceress took off and lady followed. The rest of the group found out elphagort and marlon were being blamed for the horrific event.

As ethan, weigraf and morde were leaving, they saw that the people from Elphagort and Marlon tried to move for freedom. and decided to help. They took out the guards that was holding them. They get tossed a bag of money and then run for it as more gaurds come to see what is going on.

Meanwhile. Lady is led into a room of mirrors telling her to kill Elluka, but decides not to and watches this girl take a mirror. Elluka says the voices are normal but the girl needs to be stopped because the mirror is powerful. So together they go after the girl.

Back in the ballroom, kyomi tries talking to the princess and finds out the princess is just blaming them but has no idea of what actually happened. The princess suddenly changed into someone else and then she yelled at kyomi to know her place. Everyone starts leaving. Kyomi and Tyrion follow suit.

With the sorceress and Lady, the servant jumped out the window and went down a drain and froze it behind her so Lady couldn’t chase. She gets back to Elluka

Lady comes out and flies back to the sorceress

“She went down the drain. I couldnt stop her.” Lady says angrily. “Tell me whats going on?”
Elluka Clockworker sighs, “That’s bad…That’s going to make things difficult moving forward.”

Lady rolls eyes. “Listen, I was told to find you. So now I need answers. I can only help if I have all the info. Lets go back and forth on this. You tell me everything, and I will tell you everything. Deal?” lady says sitting down infront of her.

And thats it! :D



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