Story of Evil

The Party was kidnapped!

So, here we go again. Great night again! Hugs and cuddles around the table!


Lady and the group were eyeing each other wearily. Lady then jumped on Tyrions shoulder and started whispering to herself. casting a spell. Weigraf start craving to kiss Mordecai. He unnaturally lusted for him, needed Mordecai. A simple touch or show of affection would satisfy his need.

Then all of a sudden he shook himself out of it and glared at the laughing Lady. She sat on Tyrions shoulders, everyone, including Ethaneus, Tyrion, and Kyomi giggled with some disappointment in thier eyes.

“You cast a spell on me!” he cried

“Who me? Nah, I’ve been here talking with Tyrion” She said trying hard to keep a straight face.

“Guards! Arrest her!” he cried but everyone looked confused. For what they wondered because to them she had simply been whispering and then giggling on the other side of the room.

Suddenly a man busted into the room. “We need help, the party members have been kidnapped.” he cried

The group decided to go forward and rescue the party. As they walked, Lady admitted to casting ‘Unnatural Lust’ on him to make him kiss Mordecai. Weigraf fumed at being unable to arrest her or beat her lights out. He figured soon, soon he could have the little witch under his sword again and hopefully she will stay dead this time.


The bandits, a combo of magic wielders and fighters, were securing the carriage when the group of brave, and slightly disgruntled, warriors came upon them. They fought fiercely to save the party members. They save the VIP from Elphegort and part of his retinue. They loot the bodies and get:

33 pp

532 gp
1033 sp
3410 cp
17 gems
2 shortbow
1 crossbow
6 light armor
6 swords
2 shields
1 warhammer
1 spiked chain
14 potions
8 scrolls
3 wands

EXP 2600

Ethaneus decides to go through the forest to collect material for arrows angry that lady too most of the gold and 5 gems.

The group escorts their freed victims to the city and get an extra 6K gold each. YAY! Then.. they notice shadows jumping into the sewers. So they let Lady turn them all invisible and descend into the sewers.


The walk about a bit, find shadowy figures, frost giants … and that FUCKING ICE WIZARD THEY HAD ALREADY KILLED! He cast a spell that destroys most of everyone’s stuff. Soo.. the shadow guys are helping kill things, magic symbols disappear, everyone out for blood. Mage fucking hard as hell to kill. Lots of fucking walls and trying to teleport. lots of wanting to kill this guy ( FUCK YOU GM!) and the eventual use of a hero point to fuck this ice mage up once and for all.

So finally he fucking dies and we are happy to loot his body.

3 Bags of Holding (1 Tyrion,
362 pp (62 Mord, 100 for kyomi, 100 tyrion, 100 weigraf)
2188 gp (188 Mord,666 weig, 666 tyrion, 667 kyomi)
460 sp (60 Mord, 400 Lady)
900 cp (150 Mord, 750 Lady)
30 gems (10 kyomi, 10 tyrion, 10 weigraf)
1 bastard sword 1AD Tyrion
1 breastplate
2AC Weigraf
1 cloak Kyomi
1 dagger 1 to damage
1 full plate
2AC Tyrion
1 half plate+1ac
1 light crossbow+1
6 potions Kyomi-all
1 ring Weigraf
10 scrolls (4 scrolls to Weigraf, 6 to kyomi)
1 staff Kyomi
3 wands (1 to Weigraf, 2 to kyomi)

EXP 12,800

Lady and Kyomi identified everything and handed it out to people who could use the items. Lady was unable to use any of it. When it came to the gold Lady for once tried asking if she could have more of it for stuff. Weigraf snorted and told her after Mords cut, she could take all the sp and cp. Lady was about to argue but instead simply did it.Tyrion offered some of his money but Lady declined “You have been good to me. We lost a lot today, take it and become an awesome tank.” Lady smiled faintly and then walked away.

So that is that. We are meeting on Monday about 6pmish Central to go over our characters, level them, etc. Otherwise, see you all on Thursday!

Current Hero Points left
Lady -0
Ethan-2 (Congrats on last Thursday for Elephants and stuff!)
Kyomi-2 (Congrats on last Thursday for Elephants and stuff!)




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