Story of Evil

UPDATE After Long Vacation

Ok! so we all had a great holiday I hope.

Sooo update for both Story lines, cliff notes style

Storyline 1- Lady, Kyomi, and Tyrion

Ok …sooo Tyrion and Lady were murdered by Weigraf.. then went through some magical realm of awesome undead.. was told people were sleeping, Horseman is missing and must find the Sorceress of Time. Tyrion and Lady return to the living world and find that a few months had past and BOOM its almost Christmas. They find Kyomi and stuff.. threesomes occur (yes literally) and they find a dead Sir Leon and think his son killed him. Tried many things to get invites, still don’t have it. They did some spelunking and stuff… and like killed things.. and got transported… and now its the day of the Christmas party.

Storyline 2- Weigraf, Mordecai, and Orionson

They run for it after murdering Tyrion and Lady. They go to their houses to get their shit. Some crazy shit with being abducted by clowns, breaking into prisons and failing to break out. Got Trap in some maze and found shadowy people. And talk to someone important but our wonderful GM, with a great storyline, forgot.

So happy new year and let’s start this up again. Wanna Play too? It’ll be fun! :D



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