Story of Evil

Original Sin, New guy, and a Twin?!

Hello Everyone,

Been awhile since I’ve done this. Sorry! Don’t hate me! Got a new job and school and stuff. So here is a quick summary of everything for the last 3-4 sessions.

So Elluka told Lady everything from why she is at the castle, to what her mission is to what the weird thing with the kids that brought Tyrion and Lady back to life was. Goal now, get the mirror that was stolen back.

After that, Lady and everyone went to sleep and went to the sewers to try and get the mirror back, but as they got close, the dangers became extraordinarily difficult and the group almost died. They left to go heal. Later, Ethaneus, Kyomi and Lady all went back down to scout. Found some blobs, a hellish angel and a teleporter but no mirror. They accidently got teleported to some random forest. Lady led everyone to the Held where the two kids were and then they found themselves back in lucifenia.

After that, they assumed the guys in the sewers ran for it. The princess commissioned the group to take care of a diplomatic mission to Elphagort. They meet a new guy who likes to hop on random carriages and explore. His name would be variel (kinda reminds me of talon from League of Legends). So they set off with everyone and go into the forest, which turned nasty. The diplomat gets eaten by a giant tiger, so they decide to change either Lady or Kyomi to look like the diplomat and take care of the matters.

They decided the carriage that took off was important, so they go to look for it and find that it had been looted. Lady stays with Allen while the group explores the cave where they looters probably went and find dopple gangers of themselves… soooo…. they attack.

Tyrion fell into a pit… cant seem to climb out…(haha.. the tankest of us all dying in a pit and not in combat.) bu eventually climbed out (REALLY HURT hahaha). After defeating the dopplegangers…. they found some stuff:

31 pp
392 gp
8 gems
2 potions
2 scrolls
1 wand

After that, they can put together thier plan to make kyomi a diplomat and began again on the road to run into a hoard a cockatrices. they killed most of them and then camped for the night. No loot from those things but good EXP.

Good run y’all! :D See you on Tuesday for macros and Thursday for next session!

Party, Rumble and BOOM

Great couple of nights. I know some of us got sick so here is the combo of the last two sessions.

So everyone got dressed and went to the party. we had dinner and danced, talked with people and found out useful info, like the sorceress may be okay.King marlon obviously in love with girl from elphagort.

When about to be honored by the princess, Mirage arcana was cast and people got stuck in a maze with a impossible to hit jester. After the spells were “dispelled”, the sorceress took off and lady followed. The rest of the group found out elphagort and marlon were being blamed for the horrific event.

As ethan, weigraf and morde were leaving, they saw that the people from Elphagort and Marlon tried to move for freedom. and decided to help. They took out the guards that was holding them. They get tossed a bag of money and then run for it as more gaurds come to see what is going on.

Meanwhile. Lady is led into a room of mirrors telling her to kill Elluka, but decides not to and watches this girl take a mirror. Elluka says the voices are normal but the girl needs to be stopped because the mirror is powerful. So together they go after the girl.

Back in the ballroom, kyomi tries talking to the princess and finds out the princess is just blaming them but has no idea of what actually happened. The princess suddenly changed into someone else and then she yelled at kyomi to know her place. Everyone starts leaving. Kyomi and Tyrion follow suit.

With the sorceress and Lady, the servant jumped out the window and went down a drain and froze it behind her so Lady couldn’t chase. She gets back to Elluka

Lady comes out and flies back to the sorceress

“She went down the drain. I couldnt stop her.” Lady says angrily. “Tell me whats going on?”
Elluka Clockworker sighs, “That’s bad…That’s going to make things difficult moving forward.”

Lady rolls eyes. “Listen, I was told to find you. So now I need answers. I can only help if I have all the info. Lets go back and forth on this. You tell me everything, and I will tell you everything. Deal?” lady says sitting down infront of her.

And thats it! :D

Information Keel Freesis

Good night of getting our characters together and everything. Here is what happened.

After the group left the sewers they went to go purchase and sell anything that wasn’t needed. Afterwards, they followed Lady to the church for heals, but discovered the head clergyman dead. After talking with a civilian, they discover that the population of the country was blind. They knew nothing of Leon’s death or of the impending invasion to the Land of Green.

After some more talking, Lady decides to embark on locating Keel Freesis for information she did not possess. After some failed attempts she discovered a few things:

1- The party tonight was a trap for the people of green.

2-The princess had Leon killed

3- The sorceress of the castle , Elluka Clockworker. Other known aliases include, Sept, le Magicien and The Sorceress of Time. She came to lucifenia several months back with Pere Noel and subsequently left them and made her way into a seat of power in the castle. She commands powerful agents that progress her agenda in the shadows. She is called that, because she shows up in almost every single important event throughout history. As to her agenda. She seems to be cultivating the princess for something. What exactly I cannot say.

4- Pere Noel is the name of the Circus where the Frost mage, Deux le bleu, (uses similacrums— sent killer snowmen out of. The circus is just a front. In reality it is a group of skilled assassins. There are eight in total. Elluka was one of them under the name of Sept, le Magicien. The others by title are, Un, le Saint Trois, le marchand de sable, Quatre, le masque, Cinq, le Pierot, Six, le Samourai, and Huit, Tireur d’Elite. And I’m afraid nobody knows their motives but them.

5- The necklace has a mate to it. Allen has a sister/brother.

6- The symbol in the sewers, that no one likes to talk about, It is the symbol of Lucifer. The founder of this nation and a cruel conquerer there are even those that claim he was a demon. Elluka set it up. her group took it out because of a fall out between her and the circus.

7- he is going to the party and knows very little about her and Tyrion. Probably knows a lot about her group though. Lady paid for a dance.

So, most of her money later, Lady returns to her group to tell them EVERYTHING.

Remember this Thursday at about 5pm Central time we are meeting and its Christmas Party time.

Current Hero Points left
Lady – 1 (For being the poorest of the group and spending all her money on advancing the plot… per Tom)
Ethan- 2
Kyomi- 2
Tyrion- 0
Weigraf- 1


The Party was kidnapped!

So, here we go again. Great night again! Hugs and cuddles around the table!


Lady and the group were eyeing each other wearily. Lady then jumped on Tyrions shoulder and started whispering to herself. casting a spell. Weigraf start craving to kiss Mordecai. He unnaturally lusted for him, needed Mordecai. A simple touch or show of affection would satisfy his need.

Then all of a sudden he shook himself out of it and glared at the laughing Lady. She sat on Tyrions shoulders, everyone, including Ethaneus, Tyrion, and Kyomi giggled with some disappointment in thier eyes.

“You cast a spell on me!” he cried

“Who me? Nah, I’ve been here talking with Tyrion” She said trying hard to keep a straight face.

“Guards! Arrest her!” he cried but everyone looked confused. For what they wondered because to them she had simply been whispering and then giggling on the other side of the room.

Suddenly a man busted into the room. “We need help, the party members have been kidnapped.” he cried

The group decided to go forward and rescue the party. As they walked, Lady admitted to casting ‘Unnatural Lust’ on him to make him kiss Mordecai. Weigraf fumed at being unable to arrest her or beat her lights out. He figured soon, soon he could have the little witch under his sword again and hopefully she will stay dead this time.


The bandits, a combo of magic wielders and fighters, were securing the carriage when the group of brave, and slightly disgruntled, warriors came upon them. They fought fiercely to save the party members. They save the VIP from Elphegort and part of his retinue. They loot the bodies and get:

33 pp

532 gp
1033 sp
3410 cp
17 gems
2 shortbow
1 crossbow
6 light armor
6 swords
2 shields
1 warhammer
1 spiked chain
14 potions
8 scrolls
3 wands

EXP 2600

Ethaneus decides to go through the forest to collect material for arrows angry that lady too most of the gold and 5 gems.

The group escorts their freed victims to the city and get an extra 6K gold each. YAY! Then.. they notice shadows jumping into the sewers. So they let Lady turn them all invisible and descend into the sewers.


The walk about a bit, find shadowy figures, frost giants … and that FUCKING ICE WIZARD THEY HAD ALREADY KILLED! He cast a spell that destroys most of everyone’s stuff. Soo.. the shadow guys are helping kill things, magic symbols disappear, everyone out for blood. Mage fucking hard as hell to kill. Lots of fucking walls and trying to teleport. lots of wanting to kill this guy ( FUCK YOU GM!) and the eventual use of a hero point to fuck this ice mage up once and for all.

So finally he fucking dies and we are happy to loot his body.

3 Bags of Holding (1 Tyrion,
362 pp (62 Mord, 100 for kyomi, 100 tyrion, 100 weigraf)
2188 gp (188 Mord,666 weig, 666 tyrion, 667 kyomi)
460 sp (60 Mord, 400 Lady)
900 cp (150 Mord, 750 Lady)
30 gems (10 kyomi, 10 tyrion, 10 weigraf)
1 bastard sword 1AD Tyrion
1 breastplate
2AC Weigraf
1 cloak Kyomi
1 dagger 1 to damage
1 full plate
2AC Tyrion
1 half plate+1ac
1 light crossbow+1
6 potions Kyomi-all
1 ring Weigraf
10 scrolls (4 scrolls to Weigraf, 6 to kyomi)
1 staff Kyomi
3 wands (1 to Weigraf, 2 to kyomi)

EXP 12,800

Lady and Kyomi identified everything and handed it out to people who could use the items. Lady was unable to use any of it. When it came to the gold Lady for once tried asking if she could have more of it for stuff. Weigraf snorted and told her after Mords cut, she could take all the sp and cp. Lady was about to argue but instead simply did it.Tyrion offered some of his money but Lady declined “You have been good to me. We lost a lot today, take it and become an awesome tank.” Lady smiled faintly and then walked away.

So that is that. We are meeting on Monday about 6pmish Central to go over our characters, level them, etc. Otherwise, see you all on Thursday!

Current Hero Points left
Lady -0
Ethan-2 (Congrats on last Thursday for Elephants and stuff!)
Kyomi-2 (Congrats on last Thursday for Elephants and stuff!)



Great game. I know I am late on writing this, but I am sure I am forgiven since I doubt anyone reads this and I am the only one who writes it.


Lady and Kyomi and the unknown Archer all getinto the tent and start killing things. They see the Ice mage from a house they had visited, a elephant, and a tiger. Kyomi confused the tiger and it went on a good old fashion rampage of killiing snowment. The Archer went nuts, climbed on the elephant and mowed down a bunch of killer snowmen while lady set them on fire.

Turns out the mage can fly and fly around a bit.


Weigraf and Mordecai fought lots of snowmen, hitting them with everything they had until finally the snowmen got the best of them and they fell unconcious.


Oh look who finally woke up from his slumber and decided to join the party when it was just the Ice Mage left. Our wonderful and exciting Tyrion! EVERYONE CLAP!!! Well he gets there, Lady Kyomi and he Archer Kill the mage, The tent is on fire. It falls. everyone ok. Kyomi heals Weigraf and Mordecai but doesnt recognize them. Lady and Tyrion and the corpse of the Ice mage were in the middle and the tent kinda fell around them. The archer, got the fuck out of the tent so.. nothing on him.



Lady, Kyomi, Ethaneus (The archer), and Tyrion all go to the guard station after requesting to see Allen. Allen…. acts weird and ignores all questions about his father’s death and how he is. BUT they all get invites to the Christmas party.

Then the group notices Weigraf and Mordecai, and Lady recognizes them RIGHT AWAY and tells everyone who they are. Thus far, they decided not to end that little problem with blood (yet) and decided a Christmas party they shall go.

Is it a Trap?!


Attack of the Killer Snowmen!


So we had a great time this past Monday. Regrouping and bringing everyone together. I am sure this upcoming Thursday will be FANTASTIC! Remember to start grouping about 4-5pm Central time.

Here is What happened last time:


Weigraf and Mordecai failed in their attempt to break some guys out of prison. As a result, they were put in jail. Later, They offered a choice between prison time for murder and trying to break out criminals, or to serve out their time in the Lucifenia’s guard. Obviously they chose to serve out their time in the guard. But not allowed to have their items back until after time was served. Months have past and new scars and age have changed their appearances. They are not as recognizable as before. Due to this, Lady, Tyrion, and Kyomi do not know who they are, yet. Several months have passed though, and Weigraf and Mordecai, with their new lives in the guards, have all but forgotten who they murdered since they felt justified in doing so.
Kyomi and Lady step out of the Ice Wizard’s house. They notice it’s getting REALLY cold where they are and start heading home. They take the route that goes through the square and notice, Snowmen Gaurds, murdering people on the street and begin to fight them. A unknown Archer comes up near them and fights with them. Lady gets annoyed and heads for the tent where they keep respawning from, with Kyomi following close behind, melting the Snowmen as they go.
Weigraf and Mordecai, continue to head to the Tavern as it is close to the end of their city patrol shift. They laugh and joke and were about to sit for a beer when they hear the noises outside of screams. They come out and see Snowmen guards attacking people. They start killing the snowmen and consider going after the other snowmen but decide instead to go straight o the source of the problem. the hack and slash until they finally enter the circus tent.
A lone Archer, sits for a beer exhausted. “Finally Princess, we have made it, time for a beer.” He says as something moves around in his hood. Suddenly, he is startled by blood curdling screams outside. He looks out the window to investigate and notices snowmen killing people. “Can’t catch a break, can we sweetheart?” he says in a low growl and moves outside to join a couple of women attacking the snowmen. He shoots off some arrows noticing they are easy to take down. The Archer then notices the young purple elf move slowly towards the tent with her friend and follows behind. Watching the friend’s behind move seductively, he jumps up and kisses her. “Excuse me!?” she exclaims in anger while keeping a watchful eye on the enemies still moving towards the tent behind the Purple Elf. “No worries Sexy, I got your back.” he says and follows them into the tent.

Well, that’s it you guys! That’s what happened! :D See you all Jan. 16, Thursday at about 4-5pm Central time! :D

UPDATE After Long Vacation

Ok! so we all had a great holiday I hope.

Sooo update for both Story lines, cliff notes style

Storyline 1- Lady, Kyomi, and Tyrion

Ok …sooo Tyrion and Lady were murdered by Weigraf.. then went through some magical realm of awesome undead.. was told people were sleeping, Horseman is missing and must find the Sorceress of Time. Tyrion and Lady return to the living world and find that a few months had past and BOOM its almost Christmas. They find Kyomi and stuff.. threesomes occur (yes literally) and they find a dead Sir Leon and think his son killed him. Tried many things to get invites, still don’t have it. They did some spelunking and stuff… and like killed things.. and got transported… and now its the day of the Christmas party.

Storyline 2- Weigraf, Mordecai, and Orionson

They run for it after murdering Tyrion and Lady. They go to their houses to get their shit. Some crazy shit with being abducted by clowns, breaking into prisons and failing to break out. Got Trap in some maze and found shadowy people. And talk to someone important but our wonderful GM, with a great storyline, forgot.

So happy new year and let’s start this up again. Wanna Play too? It’ll be fun! :D

Dragon's Den

So, everyone went forwards and found a group and killed them. They then discovered a new guy who is evil buit really weird. He likes to be called Mors. Then a Dragon appeared, biggest yet and we killed it too. Found a big treasure stock pile, (cuz you know dragons roll cool).

149 pp
3181 gp
4544 sp
6290 cp
1 Agate

1 Amethyst
1 Aquamarine
1 Black Pearl
1 Bloodstone
1 Citrine

2 Chrysoberyl
1 Chrysoprase
2 Coral
2 Deep Blue Spinel
1 Green Spinel
1 Hematite

2 Jade
3 Jet
1 Lapis Lazuli
3 Malachite
1 Obsidian
1 Onyx

1 Opal
1 Peridot
1 Rhodochrosite
1 Rose Quartz
1 Saltwater Pearl
1 Sard

1 Sardonyx
2 Shell
3 Smoky Quartz
4 Tourmaline
2 Zircon

1 Amphora of Common Wine
1 Amphora of Vinegar
2 Backpacks
14 Bag of 10 Pitons
28 Bag of Common Spice
6 Bag of Dried Mushrooms

1 Bag of Iron Nails
1 Bolt of Linen
1 Bottle of Good Wine
25 Bottle of Vinegar
10 Box of Charcoal
1 Bronze Statuette of a warrior

1 Canopy Bed
1 Carved jade idol
1 Cauldron
1 Common hat
1 Copper and glass decanter
1 Chandelier

1 Chest
2 Dagger
1 Darkwood Lute
8 Desk
1 Explorere’s Outfit
35 Flask of Oil

1 Gilded demon skull
1 Glaive
1 Gold and leather scabbard
1 Gold and platinum statuette of a deity
1 Gold and silver chess set
2 Gold and silver hand mirror

1 Gold chalice with griffon carvings
1 Gold flagon with religious markings
1 Gold puzzle box
1 Gold statue of a dragon
1 Gold statue of a lion
13 Handsaw

1 Hemp Rope
2 Ivory bowl with animal carvings
2 Ivory drinking horn with silver ends
1 Ivory mask with Gold inlays
2 Large Wooden Chest
1 Lance

1 Light Crossbow
1 Longbow
2 Longsword
1 Noble’s Outfit
2 Padded Armor
1 Pair of Snowshoes

27 Pole (10’)
2 Polished darkwood chalice
9 Potions
1 Portable Ram
1 Preserved beast head on a plaque
2 Quarterstaff

1 Rope Ladder
1 Round Table
69 Sack
1 Sack of Animal Feed
1 Sack of Apples
1 Sarcophagus

1 Scale Mail
6 Scrolls
1 Sedan Chair
3 Shortsword
1 Silver baby rattle
3 Silver candelabra with holy symbol

1 Silver comb with gold handle
1 Silver noble family seal
6 Silver statue of a dragon
1 Sled
1 Small Cask of Common Spice
8 Small Cask of Dried Figs

1 Small Cask of Pickled Fish
1 Small Cask of Tobacco
1 Small Cask of Wax
11 Small Glass Rod
7 Small Hunting Trap
2 Small Magnet

9 Small Wooden Chest
4 Studded Leather Armor
3 Tiny Wooden Box
3 Wagon
1 Wardrobe
1 Waterskin

7 Wands
1 Whip

What is left after this mess of stuff? well a lot. we go back to the city and a couple decide to do thier own thing. They get hired to clear a house but end up burning it down and Escape to the sewers. Yea, those idiots did GREAT! Will Tyrion and Kyomi die? Will the group find out why Allen is not interested in women? What about the crap loads of gold everyone earned from clearing the dens?? Will the group get Lady a HAT?! All will be discovered tonight!

The City and The Den

So, for the first time in ages. the ENTIRE party was present in the city. They all sleep in different areas, wake up and move to the Lodge where Allen is waiting for up. Allen tells that blue dragons (that can dry up moisture, is the cause of the famine. The group, saysthey already destroyed one. Apparently its 30K gold per den destroyed. He also says they have located 2 of them. His sister with a small force is out to destroy one, Leon by himself is out to destroy one and there is one more no one can find yet. So the ggroup, being mostly good of some sort, go and help Leon.

There they find cloakers, kill them and continue forward in the cave. More creatures jump out, they slay them all.

The loot:
30 pp
555 gp
688 sp
4230 cp

1 masterwork quarterstaff
1 masterwork padded armor
wand of mage hand
scroll of certain grip
and gems

and more. Join us Every Thursday at 6pm CST!

Details Details

So, we finally figure out what to do with the loot. We put the heavy stuff in the cave and carry what we can to sell. We get to the city of Lucifenia. We cant get into the castle and we talked to cute Allen (Leons kid) and he says we can help with the famine issue but doesnt give more than that. We find cheap housing and sleep.

  1. for 3 gp a month you live in a communal living situation, hostel or tavern common room. And you only have to keep track of purchases/taxes more than 1 sp
  1. for 10 gp you rent your own apartment, inn room or small house, and can obtain any object that costs less than 1 gp in 1d10 minutes. and don’t have to keep track of taxes/fees less than 1 gp
  1. for 100 gp a month you get a house or suite of rooms at a nice inn can obtain any non magical item worth 5gp or less in 1d10 minutes and only need to track meals and taxes worth more than 10 gp
  1. for 1000 gp a month you live in a mansion or similarly fancy home. you can obtain any non magical item worth 25 gp or less in 1d10 minutes and only need to keep track of meals or taxes in excess of 100 gp

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