Story of Evil

Well, that's one way to start the morning
Crazy and surprising

The rain still poured outside of the chapel. Injured Kyomi and Tyrion were bent over the unconscious Weigraf. The battle that night was long and hard. Mordecai slept in a pew from the exhaustion.

“You think he is gonna be, ok?” Kyomi asked Tyrion.

“I don’t know. Let me try something.” Tyrion replied. He removed his gauntlet and gently laid his massive hand on Weigraf’s forehead. A glow occurred from his hand for a moment then faded. Color appeared to return to Weigraf’s face but he still laid unconscious.

“That is the most I can do for him. Now he must rest.” He said looking at the worried Kyomi with her cute face filled with concern.

Suddenly, there was a loud roaring racket from outside. Kyomi and Tyrion jumped to their feet, awaiting what was to come. The noise grew louder and louder.

“It’s coming straight for us, I wonder what it is” Kyomi said.

Suddenly, a ball of purple light crashed through the chapel and landed in the back pews. Kyomi’s ears flickered, listening for sounds. Tyrion guarded Weigraf. Mordecai continued to snore loudly. Unaffected by the explosive noise.

“I’ll go take a look, you watch Weigraf.” Ordered Kyomi.

Tyrion looked at her then at Weigraf. “Fine, but be careful.” he told her.

Kyomi moved quickly and quietly towards the crash site.She peered over the side of the crater, carefully, and her eyes widen a bit.

A teenage purple girl stood up dizzily and patted the dust off her red and gold dress and long purple hair. “Wow, that tasted purple!” she said in a high pitch girl voice.

I’ve never known anything to taste purple.” Thought Kyomi to her self. “Hey you, who are you? You ok?”

The girl ignored her and instead looked at a space of air and said “Why yes, I do believe they are here.”

“Who goes there? Friend or Foe?” Called out an impatient Tyrion. Kyomi shot him an annoyed look.

The girl continued to ignore them and continued talking to the spot of air but more angrily. “YOU HAD THE MAP! What do you MEAN you don’t know if we are where we are suppose to be?!”

Tyrion moved toward Kyomi with a confused look and commented " Right then. Kyomi, I fear this one may be insane."

Kyomi tried to perceive something out of the girl and got nothing. She was as unreadable as a doornail.

Kyomi moved a little closer to the girl and called out “Oy, Can you tell me your name?”

“Well, I hope we are in the right area. Otherwise, I’m gonna rip your wings off!” addressing the spot of air. She then twirled and takes notice of Kyomi.

Kyomi looked dumbfounded by the her. The girl then began to walk around Kyomi, inspecting her, poking at her butt and and sides.

“Can you understand me?” asked Kyomi.

“Of course, silly.” the girl remarked playfully while inspecting the sash around Kyomi’s waist.

“Could have fooled me” remarked Tyrion.

The girl then stopped and looked at the air, “Yes, I agree, they are very odd.”

“And there she goes again” laughed Tyrion.

Kyomi looked worried and confused, “Well, you certainly seem out of it for a moment, talking to yourself.”

The girl stood up angrily and pointed at the spot of air. “I do not talk to myself, thank you! I speak with my servant”

Kyomi looked puzzeled at her. “Oh, a servant? I’m afraid I see nothing dear.”

The girl looked excitedly suddenly, " Why yes!" as if she remembered something that made everything make sense to her.

“Is that the purpose then? To be unseen?” Kyomi asked, eager for answers.

“I think the purpose is to test our sanity.” joked Tyrion. He leaned against a pew with his massive self and crossed his arms looking annoyed at the girl.

The girl looked seriously into Kyomi’s eyes and said " Well, you’ll see more clearly with your eyes closed."

“Why is that?” asked Kyomi.

The girl cocked her head to one side put a finger to her chin and replied “Because you do. It’s simple.” matter of factly spoken.

Kyomi rubbed her temples, feeling a headache coming on. Then the girl ran up real close to Kyomi with a happy face. “You have a hat?”

Kyomi pointed at the top of her head. “No, I do not.”

The girl puffed up and began to talk to air again. “You told me I could try on HATS!”

Tyrion shook his head and a thought came to him. “Maybe we could make a hat out of one of the bat’s lungs. From the kills last night.”

The girl vanished and then appeared a couple of seconds later right in Tyrion’s face. Big eyes wide with excitement, her own red and gold trimmed hat clutched in her hands under her chin. “In purple?”

Tyrion leaned back a bit to get some distance “Err, maybe? I don’t tan things. I provide dead animals for others to make pretty things.”

Her eyes got bigger. The purple and silver sparkling, a little drool formed at the corner of her mouth. " Preeetty things? Like hats? I would like a pretty purple hat." she said.

Tyrion backed up slowly. “I’m sure we can find a pretty purple hat in the next town. Now could you tell us why you’re here exactly?”

A puzzeled look appeared on the girls face. “I was sent here, duh!” Then looks at her invisible servant. “You said they would be expecting us! Last time I EVER let you ride the color train for our travel plans with out me!”

Tyrion looked to Kyomi. She shrugged and shook her head. Neither of them were expecting this little psycho purple kid. Tyrion hung his head.

“Are you from nearby?” asked Kyomi.

The girl whirled around and looked at Kyomi astonished. “I fell out of the sky! Of course I’m not!”

“So you are from the sky then?”

“Does that really matter? The whole notion of being or have been is so unimportant in the grand scheme of the rainbow. I was sent to help. So help I will.” said the girl looking for just a moment older than by years than before.

Kyomi threw her hands in the air, mentally exhausted. “We accept your help. More than anything we need help nursing our friend back to health.” and pointed at Weigraf on a pew.

The girl looked at Weigraf, and as if an explosion occurred in her little midn she took off running to him. “WEIGY! I MISSED YOU!” She exclaimed and cuddled his limp body.

Tyrion came up and patted the girl on the shoulder, “I don’t think he can hear you.”

She gave him a blank stare “Silly, of course he can!”

Tyrion slumped into a pew. " Ok!, I’m not hear to argue, I’m here to drink and swing my sword." he exclaimed “So let me drink.” He then took out a flask from a secret pocket and tok a long swig. Kyomi came up next to him and just stared at Weigraf and the girl, more confused than when the ball of light first hit.

Kyomi then looked at the hole in the chapel roof. “Well at least it stopped raining” she thought.

Then, Kyomi’s ears flickered and she looked out a window. “What now?!” she cried.

Tyrion put his flask away and got up realizing break time was over. “Shall we find out?”

Kyomi nodded and looked at the girl. She was bent down with her knees under her chin petting Weigraf and talking to what she imagined was the supposed servant in whispers.

“You coming with girl?” Tyrion asked.

The girl looked at him, stuck out her tongue and formed the words, “NO” in the air with purple glowing smoke and went back to what she was doing.

“Oy, ok.” Tyrion said rubbing a templ. “Let’s go Kyomi.”

They step out of the church and walk quietly around the chapel and spot a tall young man with black hair out on the road surrounded by bandits.

“Oh boy, this will interfere with my drinking won’t it.” remarked Tyrion as he moved closer to the scene.

Kyomi smirk and stayed back. Her wound still fresh, she wouldn’t be of much use up close this time.

“Well lets see here,” the man said happily. and pointed out his finger at each bandit, “There is 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5… and one little old me. You guys do realize that your about to fight a sorcerer, right? You know, I could, turn into a dragon or something.” and began pulsing with magical energy, hoping to intimidate the bandits. Suddenly, the sorcerer’s hair turned pink. The bandits looked at eachother and decided hair changing color, no big deal.

The sorcerer’s face darkened “Right now, I’m hungry and cranky” and the pulses of magic got stronger and he looked at one bandit. Giant purple smoke kitties appeared and hissed at the bandits.

Tyrion came up and says " I’d suggest a step back gentlemen. You want to start trouble with me around." The bandits ignore him and concentrate on the sorcerer.

Suddenly, a arrow was shot at Urison. Urison dodged to the left. The bandits move in. Kyomi was targeted first and a bandit punched her to the ground. She laid there for a moment. The bandit turned and was charged down by Tyrion. His sword tore through the bandit leaving nothing but a bleeding sack of meat.

Kyomi stood up and a arrow grazed her shoulder. The sorcerer got a knee to his back. Kyomi starts singing. Tyrion and the sorcerer feel stronger, more confident. The sorcerer moved away from the bandits quickly and a ice dagger appeared in his hand.

Tyrion charged again at a bandit, but he dodged the attack looking pleased with himself. Kyomi sat on the wet grass and continued singing her magical song.

The bandit grouped again. Suddenly there was a crash of glass from the chapel. The girl dragging the lifeless Weigraf by his arm. Put out one of her hands at the archer. A bright purple light missile erupted from her hand and hit the archer making a little crater. She giggled happily at the carnage.

Tyrion looked at the girl in surprise, " Ok.. That guy got wrecked!"

The sorcerer stared “Holy Fuck! What the hell was that!?”

Tyrion smiled “A smoking crater of a bandit getting made”

The bandits began to ran, scared for their lives after watching their commander get taken out. The girl jumped excitedly “CHASE CHASE! I WANT TO CHASE!” with a lace of bloodlust in her eyes.

Kyomi, feeling an adrenaline rush began to chase. Tyrion went after her worried about her injuries. The two new people followed, with the girl dragging Weigarf by his arm.

“I agree, Kyomi has a great eye for fun! Maybe she will play hide and seek with cupcakes and cats later with me!” said the girl addressing the air to her right.

The girl stopped running huffing and puffing. She looks at Weigraf " You put some weight on! You should go on a diet." Then turned to look at the path. She held up her hand i nthe shape of gun, aimed and said “BANG!” and let off another purple bolt of light turning his old spot into another crater.

Tyrion caught up to two of them. He grabbed one slammed him down with his massive shield and drove his sword through the man’s head. The other one continued to run. Desperate to live.

The sorcerer continued to chase and then the bandit found himself face to face with Kyomi. Her blood was pouring from her shoulder, song still being sung proudly, and a face of determination. Behind the bandit Tyrion stood ready/. The bandit then charged Kyomi, upper cutting her chin hard. She feel to the ground and changed.

KYOMI!” Cried Tyrion

Suddenly and arrow flew past Tyrion and landed in the bandits head. The sorcerer, carrying across bow huffed and moved closer to Tyrion. “Is she ok?”

Tyrion look at kyomi worried. “Yea, just knocked out good. She shouldn’t have gone out lek that with those wounds!”

The girl, still dragging Weigarf, and the sorcerer came close.

“Alright then, who are ya lot?” demanded Tyrion.

The girl bent down and marveled at Kyomi. and whispered “Kitsune…” petting the soft brown fur.

The sorcerer made a magnificent bow “Ursion. I thank you and your little fox sexy lady for helping me out.” and then looked at the girl. "Who’s little miss giggles?

“Frankly, I don’t know.” said Tyrion.

“Oy, Lady Pointy Hat!” The little girl stood up abruptly, turned and took a deep breath. " I am the Lady of the Apocalypse. I prefer being called Lady." then points at open air " This here is Horsemen, my servant." She then looks right at Ursion. A giant purple fog formed an arrow at Ursion “Call me Lady Pointy Hat again! I dare you!”

“Now now, you keep talking about that hat. If you want it you better play nice!” cooed Tyrion

The girl jumped up in excitement and then turned to Kyomi and whispered “You hear that! They gonna buy me a hat!”

Ursion came up to Tyrion’s side, “We should ditch her.”

“Did you see those craters?! We need firepower like hers!” whispered Tyrion with a fake grin on his face.

“By the way jerk,” Lady addressed Ursion,“Pink suits you!”

The sorcerer looked into Tyrion’s shield and shrieked “Turn it back now you brat!”

The girl shrugged and turned Ursion’s hair back and Kyomi’s fur purple.

“Well, time to think of what to do next.” Tyrion said exhaustively, “There’s a town a couple f day’s away. I suggest we leave Weigraf with Mordecai, leave a note on him and tell them to meet us at the Town.”

“I’ll carry the fox lady if you want” said Ursion “The least I can do”

“You’r coming with?” asked Tyrion.

“Till something better comes along, why not?” Ursion replied.

“Lady what about you?”

Lady grabbed Kyomi’s arm then hopped on Tyrion’s shoulders’. “ONWARD!To my pretty purple hat!” She proclaimed pointing in a random direction.

Tyrion rolled his eyes. “You heard the brat, on ward.”

So they all went back to the chapel, left a note on Mordecais snoring body. Weigraf on a pew near by and took off. Lady on Tyrion’s shoulders and Kyomi slung over Ursion’s shoulders to the city.

What will await our little group? What will happen next? To be continued

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The Town of Famine

The Chapel

Mordecai woke up from his nap to discover everyone was gone. He raised and arm and hit something on his chest. “A note?” he thought wonderingly.

It read


Mordecai sighed and looked up at a pew where Weigraf was, passed out still. Mordecai picked up Weigraf, slung him over his shoulders and made for the city.

The City

Lady bounces on Tyrion’s shoulders happily “Look Horseman the city!” she cried to the air on the right where a cross bow floated.

“Oy! Try not to move so much.” Tyrion told Lady.

The city was bustling with people going from door to door. Lot of people in rags, some looked injured.

“Refugees?” Thought Tyrion.

Lady suddenly pointed at a man in an alley way " Yay! Look,that one is bleeding!" she laughed.

Tyrion looked and angrily said “It’s not polite to point and laugh. All the refugees are facing famine up north. They are here to find rest and food”

Urison, not paying attention says “Ew, is it contagious?”

Tyrion rolled his eye but then the upside down face of lady came into view “Famine?” she asked quizically.

“There’s no food.” Tyrion said.

Lady looked at the people. “Do we do something to help them?”

Ursion looked. “We don’t have enough” shifting Kyomis weight on his shoulder.“We still need to look for room ourselves. We can look at dealing with the people later.”

She crossed her arms and rested on Tyrions head " I’m tired! I want my hat!" she announced.

“Yea, we are all tired, lets take care of that.” Tyrion nodded and began to look for an inn.

“Horseman says there is a pretty purple building on the other side of the river.” said Lady. “So we will go there! Because it’s purple!”

Tyrion rolled his eyes “It might be a slaughter house”

“Or a hat shop” piped Ursion.

A gust of wind flies past them and comes back. “The red building there is a pub says Horseman.” Lady announced.

“Well, lets go and ask for directions.” suggested Tyrion. “Wine, women and song! Finally”

Lady puffed up, “I’m a woman”

“Not the type of riding I had in mind though.” he smiled devilishly and went to the pub.

Ursion laughed as another gust of wind came by. Lady looked up, " The buildings with purple on thier roofs are inns. The closest one is packed."

Tyrion looked at a wrench waiting on some people. “I’m looking for a woman to keep me warm for the night.. in my bed.. naked..”

Lady looked down at her body and just glowered angrily and gave a swift hit to Tyrions head, Ursion just laughed “Saw that coming.”

Urison looked at Kyomi, “I’ll look at that inn. Wanna come with Lady?”

Lady readily hopped off Tyrion. “Yes, rather the jerk versus a pervert!”

Tyrion just smiled.

“Might find that hat for you too.” Urison said

“Oooo, I pray for you my friend.” scoffed Tyrion.

She bounced up and down. " It must be perfect! with a gem and made of pretty fabric"

“Tell me if there are any rooms.” Tyrion said as Lady guided Ursion to the inn horseman found.

The Roxy Inn

Lady waled into the pub and looked at the lady behind the counter. “Are there any rooms?”

The innkeeper peers over the counter sizing the girl up, “I might have one, if the price is right. You know it’s very busy lately so I’m afraid I can’t let it go for less than 200 gold pieces.”

Lady looked innocently at the innkeeper. “I have heard. I am traveling with my companions and need one room for me and the girl a sleep over there. Can you give us one for 175 maybe? I will happily do something in return for the reduced price”

The innkeeper crosses his arms, “I’m sorry the price is fixed.”

Looking at Kyomi and Urison, the Lady asks the innkeeper, “Only one room?”

The innkeeper nods stoically. “I’m afraid that’s all I got.”

“Listen good sir of this mighty inn.,” said Ursion “we have come far and wide in the honor of the great king. surely you wouldn’t want to hear word spread out that you have denied members of his court into this establishment.”

The innkeeper scratched his head, “Which king would that be?”

Lady giggled and held out 200 gold pieces. “My key please.” the innkeeper nodded and replaced the gold with a key. She happily walked away from Urison, with Kyomi in tow to thier room hollering, “Perverts not allowed in a girls room”

The room was a little more than the closet with a bed. The innkeeper looked at the girl modestly, “Here you go. Tell me if you need anything”

She surveyed the bed and suddenly it was bigger with comfy pillows. She laid Kyomi down on the bed and covered her up with a purple blanket.

Urison, annoyed waited for the innkeeper to return. “Listen buddy,”he said threateningly, “if you don’t find us an extra room for me and the king’s guard, who fought countless battles, i might add, you will find yourself in deep trouble.”

“Again which king do you mean?” replied the innkeeper smugly “Because the only king around these parts died years ago.”

“Does it really matter what king i speak of? People are dying up to the north, he is very unstable. All i have to do is send note to him and he can wipe out this entire town.” he glowered.

The innkeeper crossed his arms angrily. " I think its time for you to leave."

Urison took a deep breath, held his head up high “Alright, hope the blood of this entire village can help you sleep better at night.”

Lady came back out of her transformed room to Ursion. “We need to get Kyomi some water and food.” Urison walked past her and slammed the door behind him. Lady’s face changed to hurt and confusion, “He walked past me.”
Slicky Dicks Pub

Tyrion sat at the bar. “Barkeep, a mug of your strongest ale!” as Ursion slumped in next to him.

“Make that two!”

The barkeeper brought out 2 mugs of ale and held out his hand. “2 gold pieces?” Ursion pulled out his pouch and gave payment.

“So.. got some bad news. didn’t find us a room.” Said Ursion

“That’s unfortunate, where are the other two?” asked Tyrion

“They got one. Lady and Foxy are there as we speak.”

“So, we can’t stay with them?”

Ursion scratched his head sheepishly, “No, sorta caused a scene there,” awkward laugh, " but who need that inn."

Tyrion stared hard at his mug then looked at the bar keeper. " Are there anymore inns in the town?"

Ursion looked up, “Maybe one that no one heard of?”

The barkeep scratched his beard thinking. “There is, it’s on the other side of the river, but I’m not sure you’ll have any luck there. From what I hear the other side of the river is even worse.”

Tyrion and Ursion looked at eachother, “How much you got?” Tyrion asked “I only have 16 gold.”

Ursion looked, “Enough to get by.”

“Want to try the other inn?”

Ursion shrugged, “Sure.”

“Alright, we’ll go after these drinks! Cheers!” as he raised his mugg.

Mug raised Ursion replied “Cheers!”

On the Town streets

Lady, still confused and a bit hurt by Ursion ignoring her presence completely has caught up to horseman in search of food and water for Kyomi. They walk for awhile, past a church and a blacksmith and the town hall. She and Horseman make it to the pier and and see vendors. Excitedly she runs up the one with food, then glances at the vendor. “What do you have on special today if I may ask?”

The shopkeeper responds, “We’ve got a good haul of sardines today, just 5 silver pieces each.”

Lady looks at them, “Yes, healthy looking. Anything else? Rainbow cookies perchance?”

The shopkeeper shakes her head, "Sorry no cookies

Rummaging through her bag, Lady pulls out 10 gold pieces, " What else you got besides sardines?"

“We also got a nice tuna if you like. It can be yours for just 6 gold pieces.” the shopkeep smiles.

Counting on her fingers, Lady does the math real quick. “Ok, I will take a tuna and 8 sardines!”

The shopkeeper smiles and gets a box for you to carry them in and fills it with ice. “Thank you very much!” Lady smiles happily and waddles off with her prize.
Break Me Fast Inn

A crowd huddles about the inn accross the street. Ursion and Tyrion start moving towards the door.

“Let me make our way through the crowd,” said Tyrion using his shield to plow through semi-gently. He makes it to the front. “Innkeeper, we need a room!”

A plump man replies in an unenthusiastic way that makes it seem he’s been saying the same thing for hours. “Welcome to the Break Me Fast Inn. Unfortunately we have no vacancies today. We recommend camping out with the rest of the refugees.”

Tyrion sighed and looked and Ursion. Ursion shrugged and says "Well, we are both able bodies men. Is there a chance that you might, you know have a “problem” that need to be resolved?" Tyrion Taps shield and sword. “and all we ask is a place to sleep. no money or food.”

The innkeeper sighs and replies “The only problem I have right now is people not understanding the term ‘No Vacancies’.”

Ursion not discouraged tried again, "So… what you are saying, is that if there just so happens to be a “vacant” spot, we can have it?"

“There is not though, have a nice day” sighed the innkeeper.

“Are there any nobles in town?” asked Tyrion

He shruggs, “More than likely.”

Lady comes waddling up with a box in hand and waves at Ursion and Tyrion. “HEY! There!”

Tyrion quirks eyebrow, “Yes? shouldn’t you be taking care of Kyomi?”

Holds up box to Tyrions face, “I am trying to! I figured we could have food together and so bought fresh!”

Tyrion thanked Lady and Ursion patted her on her head.
Town entrance

Mordicai finally reaches town with Weigraf on his back. He feels a gush of air and feels a pull on his armour. Confused, Mordecai pulls away looking around but then he feels a shove at his back. He gets annoyed and cries “What is pushing me?!”

Mordicai tries to slap Weigraf awake. The force picks up Weigrafs hand and slaps him with it. then continues to push Mordecai. Mordecai gives up and allows himself to get pushed towards he destination.
The Break Me Fast Inn

Mordecai walks into the inn and sees Tyrion and two others he has never seen before. “Hey! Why you leave me?” he grumbled.

Tyrion looks over “You were asleep, and someone needed to stay with Weigraf.” Lady looked around Mordecai and said “Good job!” To the air behind him.

Mordecai looks at Tyrion, “What are you guys dooing here? and why are there no drinks?!”

Ursion piped up “Looking for a room!”

Mordecai looked at around, “How much for one?”

Tyron tosses Mordecai a casque of gin, “Here, have a drink and listen.”

They explain the situation with the rooms to him and why its very crowded and how Lady took the last room for the females of the group.

The innkeeper walks by and looks at the newcomer. “Welcome to the Break Me Fast Inn. Unfortunately we have no vacancies today. We recommend camping out with the rest of the refugees.”

Mordecai looks at the innkeeper, “Would 500 gold change your mind?”

The innkeeper sighs “Tempting, but I’ll not have it said that I threw someone out after they paid me. There are No Vacancies.”

Lady looked up. “Is that why you stompped out earlier Urison? Were you upset that I took the only room for me and Kyomi?”

Urison looked down and patted her on her head, " Sorry, I didnt see you."

Tyrion sighed and said “We could have slept on the floor and covered our eyes. We don’t have the luxury of modesty around here”

“Lies! You said you wanted to have naked women with you! So I kept sleeping Kyomi away!” cried Lady.

“I protected her more than you!”

“No! She is in my room sleeping because you didn’t save her!” and threw the box of fish at him and ran away crying.

“Way to go” whispered Ursion.

“I’ve been tryign to keep people alive. All I asked for was a drink, a warm bed, some company and a good ngiht’s rest. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. So I’ll take my fish hand go out of town to cook it, whoever wants to follow is welcome” stated Tyrion

“I’ll come but I’m gonna check on the ladies first.” said Ursion looking out the door where Lady ran.

“Fine!” Cried Tyrion.
Mercy Me Temple

Tyrion and Mordecai walk into a church hoping to find sanctuary for the night. The find it crowded with several beds and patients. Several priest are running back a forth attempting to care for them all. Mordecai stops one and asks for help for Weigraf.

“He can take a bed, or if you have the gold, we can supply a cure spell.” replied the Priestess.

Tyrion ask “How much?”

The Priestess looks at Weigraf and his injuries. “Eighty gold pieces. I’m afraid, our magic is limited so we need to be careful with it.”

The two warriors look at eachother. “I have it, but I demnd that you do something for me in return.”

Tyrion looks wearily, “What?”

Weigraf is laid down for a moment on a bed and Mordecai looks at Tyrion with a smile and says “I will pay the woman.”

The priestess takes the money and calls over one of the healers. They perform the spell and color returns to Weigraf’s face and he awakes but is very weak.

Weigraf looks around and says “What are we doing and why am I in this den of curses and disease!?” sluggishly.

Tyrion laughs, “We made it to the next town and none of us could heal you.”

“What happened while I was out?”

" What do you mean? With the bats? They’re dead, we ran into some bandits, killed them, gained a couple of party members" replied Tyrone “and yeah, Mordecai stayed behind to help you to this town”

Forcing himself up, Weigraf stands up. “I’m getting out of here, now.”

Mordecai and Tyrion thank the healers and leave.

Tyrion turns to Mordecai and ask " What do I have to do?"

“Go to the tavern and buy mead for the man. Then we shall go north and see what is causing this famine. No one tells us shit.” Says Mordecai.

Mordecai and Tyrion leave to get beer and Weigraf leave to the northern exit to set up camp.

The Roxy Inn

Lady looks at Horsemen. “Go keep them awake all night. They can’t see you so make sure to drop rainbows in their faces and snoseberries up thier noses. Those mean people just dont care about my feelings” Horseman leaves to do her bidding. She then goes to sleep crying and cuddling with the purple furred Kitsune in their now beautiful and comfortable bed with comfortable pillows.

The men found themselves exhausted. They were bothered by something all night. Tyrion figured it might have been Lady but had nothing to go off of to prove it.

“God, I feel like someone Tried to rape me last night!” cried Mordecai feeling his muscels ache.

Tyrion sat up, “Wasn’t me. I wasn’t drunk enough to make you pretty.”

Down the road, Lady walked towards them positively refreshed carrying the sleeping Kyomi on her back and a floating cross bow above her. “Sleep well?” She asked excitedly?

“Absolutly not” said Tyrion.

“Good” she giggled and the cross bow hung still. “Off we go then? Should I carry Kyomi or would someone else care to assist? A Ride on the light mobile is it for the helper!”

Tyrion growled " I don’t see how us not sleeping is good you little brat."

Disappointment crossed her face for a moment but she then went back to cheerful. “I can’t wait to be done here. Then I can go back home.” she said slower pace than normal.

Weigraf looked hard at Ursion and Lady. “Who are these guys?”

“The floating nuisance is Lady. The less you ask, the better. The skinny man is Ursion. He tagged along after a bandit party tries to rob him.” replied Tyrion.

The cross bow let off a bolt in a tree. “Oops sorry” She giggled and readjusted Kyomi on her back.

Tyrion doesn’t flinch. " A lot’s changed since you were knocked out Weigarf."

Lady Hopped on Weigrafs shoulders with Kyomi on her back and the cross bow floated moved the right. “Can we go yet?”

Weigraf looks up at her. “Off woman, I am injured, can’t you see?!”

She hopped off and landed with Kyomi still on her back.

Tyrion looked at at Weigraf, “should have kicked her in the head.” he said.

“I was sent here. You don’t want my help just tell me and I’ll go off on my own.” she shouted.

Weigraf rolled his eyes and looked around. He spotted a group of people looking dismayed by a fire. “You two have your lovers quarrel, I’m gonna find out more about his famine up north.”

He walks up to the grou and greets them. “Good morning my people, what has happened here?”

A stout man looks up at him and sighs “No money to buy food back home, And the taxes are too damn high.”

“But such a large group of people must bring a much large issue at hand? Is it just the common problem of poverty that has brought everyone here this misery?”

“Everyone is suffering, and the royals do nothing but take and take.”

Weigraf bowed “Thank you good sirs, I hope the gods bless you.”

He walks for a bit and spots an oncoming citizen. He stops him for a moment and asks “What has happened citizen? Why so many people in camps?”

Citizen looks at Weigraf astonished. “You haven’t heard? Ever since the king in the country to the north died, the whole place went to shit.”

Ursion reeled in surprise. “Dead?”

Weigraf took a hard look at everyone. “What exactly happened?”

The man took a deep breath. " He just finally succumbed to illness. Some little girl took the throne, and her chancellor does most of the politics. They failed to prepare a reserve of food, and this year they had a terrible harvest. There’s no food up there so people come swarming here." the citizen explained.

“So a kingdom is in cause because of mismanagement?” Weigraf confirmed.

“Pretty much, yup.” tips his hat and heads off.

“hmm. You know what that means. right? that death is coming down for you.” Ursion shouted after the citizen “I already heard rumors from the refugees that it has far more worse than expected. Words of plagues has started to arise”

Citizen shrugged.

Tyrion and Ursion decide to go and sell some extra equipment, at bad prices. Mord and Weigraf chill out near Kyomi. Lady goes to the park to “play” with the kids.
The Playground

Running up excitedly, Lady is faced with a group of kids who are just a little shorter than herself. The kids look up at her suspectingly marveled by her unique and childish appearance.

One jumped up and asked " Why is your skin purple? and your hair?

Lady cocks her head to the side and says, “Because a long long time ago, when my mommy and daddy were alive, there was a man who accidentally dropped stuff on me.”

“You look like a purple vampire girl. Rawr” cried one kid in laughter.

Blushing Lady says “I’m not a vampire. I am walking in the light, see!” pointing at the sky. “Wanna play hide and seek?” They look at her and decide sure. They begin to jump up and down in excitement of a new playmate. Lady pulls out her purple glittering quarter stick and a purple haze surrounds everyone. The children and her vanish. “OK! lets go!” cries her voice. They hear her but get afraid because they can’t see themselves or the others and start screaming and crying.

A woman comes running out looking for her child. She hears all the children screaming and crying but doesnt see them. What she does spot is Weigraf chilling out near by. “YOU! Where are the children!? Where are they?”

Weigraf looks up surprised, “I do not know what you are talking about.”

“The children! They were here! I hear them and you are the only one nearby!” she cried

“I don’t like your voice maam. If I took your children, would I be here?” he demanded.

The parent gets scared and screams out “Guards!”

Five soldiers come up to the area to inspect the situation. “How may we assist?”

The parent looking like she was having a panic attack cried" The children! They are missing! I hear them but don’t see them! and he is the only person nearby! He must have taken them!"

One of the soldiers turns to Weigraf and gives him a stern look. “Alright buddy, we can do this easy, or we can do this hard. Where are the kids?”

Weigraf shakes his head in annoyance. “Sir, the women is having her monthly spell cast upon her. Would a kidnapper be at the crime right when it happened without the evidence?” through the cries of the children.

Tyrion and Ursion show up wondering what could possibly be going on. The guard looks hard at Weigraf and figures it wasn’t him. Then children begin to pop back into view, 2 then 3 then all of them. The soldier figures it must be magic and spots Ursion. “Him men! He is a sorcerer!”

Ursion takes a step back waving his hands “What me? Surely you men are daft!” as the soldiers move towards him.

Weigraf and Mord grab one of the men and beat him to the ground. Takes a lot of work and effort but they manage to get him unconscious while bolts fly through the air hitting the soldier trying to save his comrade. Weigraf looks around and sees no one firing the bolts and figures it must be Lady. The other soldier decides its best he runs to join his comrades and leaves his unconscious friend in the hands of Mord and Weigraf

Tyrion tries to hold back 3 of the guards but one gets past him to Ursion, who was attempting to summon a fiendish creature. He knocks Ursion our of his spell and attacks him. Then the ground gets slippery as Ursion takes a step back from the soldier. Suddenly purple words form in front of Tyrion and Ursion demanding they go to the well and form a purple path to them.

“Go Ursion! I’ll hold them off. Run!” hollered Tyrion.

Ursion looked at the path and instead of following it, ran as a guard sliced his side. Tyrion noticed more soldiers coming and ran for it, following the path. He finds Lady hiding and waiting for him by the well. She had a look of fear in her eyes.

She walks ups up to Tyrion and says “Wispy” and they disappear. Then she whispers in his ear “Run north! Get Kyomi! Don’t touch or attack anyone, or they will find you. You don’t have much time on that spell.”

“Save Ursion. He went elsewhere and all the guards are chasing him now” whispered Tyrion then he turned ad ran away being careful not to touch anyone or thing.
The Blue Balli Pub

Bursting through the door like a man on fire, Ursion looks about the crowd and cries “The boats are on fire!” The people get scared and go to look out the windows. Ursion took the opportunity to run up the stairs to the closest door, uses a spell to open it, and quietly hides inside, just as the guards enter the pub.

Lady gets to the pub and sees a guard enter. She walks past him and up the stairs. She looks in two rooms and doesnt find him. A guard walks up the stairs and says “Who goes there?”

She puts on her most innocent of smiles and says “Just a little girl. Why?” whimsically.

The guard shrugs and moves to a room and doesnt find him as lady moves to a door that has blood on the handle and walks in to find Ursion putting on bartender cloths as a disguise dripping blood.

She grabs him quickly and says “Finally! Don’t touch anyone don’t attack anyone and go north! You don’t have much time with this spell, go behind a building ASAP!” Touches him “Wispy” and they go invisible again. They go invisible, slip down the stairs and stealthily around the guards guarding the entrance. It takes them awhile but they finally catch up the group.

“Well, I hope you are nicer to me from now on! I just saved you!” she says.

The group looks angrily at her. Tyrion steps forward, smacks her on the head and says “Nevermind that it was because you decided to kidnap some kids that we got into that mess!”

She rubs her head and replies " I wasnt kidnapping them. I was playing hide and seek. They just didnt understand what hiding was."

They roll their eyes and the group begins their journey north. Weigraf and Mord leaning on eachother for support. The bleeding Ursion and exhausted Tyrion carrying the sleeping but very healthy Kyomi. Lady skipping along ahead of the group with no damage at all, pissing everyone off with her light-hearted mood.

A Cave and a Party

Weigraf looked at the team. “We need to go north now! If hey send a search party we will be fucked!”

Kyomi finally awakes discovering she is on Tyrion’s shoulder. He puts her down. " Where are we?"

“These tulips fought with some soldiers and now we are hiding in the woods” explained Lady.

“Someone was shooting at them too” roared Weig.

“To save you and Mord!” she shot back angrity.

Kyomi shook her head in shock. Lady hugged Kyomi “Its ok! I kept you safe!” Kyomi patted Lady’s head and thanked her. “You liek your color!” I love your tail! Can I have one!? To go with the hat you are gonna get me!?"
Kyomi takes a good look at herself “How did this happen?” Lady looked up broadly.

Weigraf scoffs at them. “Women. Lets go to the road and head north.” They start walking towards road.

Getting close they hear horses. Lady Stopped “No we can’t there are probably soldiers looking for you.”

Kyomi looked again. “They are looking for us?!”

“Everyone except me and you, Kyomi” replied Lady.

“Hmm, then perhaps i can help you guys” said Kyomi “I can at least tell you guys when all is clear”

Lady shook her head “Lets go through the woods”

The men all looked at eachother. Mord came up and said " We do stick out so it would be best to avoid the main road"

Weigraf took out his compass. Lady hopps on weigrafs back and points “To he whirlies!” He pushes her off him. Lady looks sad and walks, whispering with horseman.

While on the way to see if they can do any good in the north, the group explains to Kyomi about all that happened while she was sleeping.
A few hours later

The forest was thinning. Weigraf handed out some of his rations to those hungry. He offered some to Lady who held up her hand and said “I will wait for the fish, i am still full.” as the forest began to thin.

Tyrion stopped the group. “We need to find a cave or something.” Kyomi disappeared and took a look around came back.

“Looks like there is a area that might have a cave nearby.” she reported. They start looking for a cave.

They come across a cave. Tyrion, Mord, Weig, and Kyomi all decide to explore the caves but Lady decides to wait outside and Ursion waits with her.
In the Cave

Kyomi made Tyrion’s sword glow so that they may see a bit. They slowly creep through the pitch blackness of the cave listening and waiting as they move. They get to a fork in the path.

“So left or right?” says Tyrion.

Weigraf looks around, “We should split up.” butthen the pungent smell of fowl invaded their senses. they grew quiet and heard breathing from on of the paths. “Well, I’ll go the otherway. Still too injured to face anything today. Mord, you comewith?” Kyomi lt Mord s mask up so they could see.

“Well, that leaves you and I to venture into the unknown.” says Tyrion to Kyomi.

“Sounds like fun!” she replies and they move off towards the breathing.

They move down the path. Kyomi stops Tyrion as they hear the breathing getting louder and begins to move quietly and stealthily towards the breathing.
Eastern path

Mordecai and Weigraf come up on a deep pond of water.

“Serpent or something over there you think?” Weigraf asked.

Mordecai looked about,“Maybe but we should get back to the others. Lets set up a trap and go so that if something does come, we can hear it howling on the way.”

They set up the trap and move quietly back to the fork.
Northern Path

Kyomi whispers a magical message to Tyrion. “I hear growling up ahead.”

“Do you want to continue?” he asks?

“Yes but be cautious.”

They move a bit further and discovers 3 bears. The bears wakes up to the light and get angry at being disturbed. Another bear appears hearing the commotion getting pissed. They smell something and lick thier lips sniffing at Tyrion. They smell the fish on him but he forgot they were there and tried moving. They get angry. “KYOMI RUN!” Tyrion shouts as he runs in her direction.

She takes a look and sees 4 bears looking hungry and annoyed. She whispers and a pool of greas appears on the ground infront of the bears. 2 of the bears step on the grease and appear to have good footing. One of the bears moved through the grease and grabs Tyrion. He let’s out a yelp and is unable to get away.

Kyomi begins giving an inspiring speech and then throws a shuriken at the bear near Tyrion and misses. Weigraf comes up behind her and see the bear on top of Tyrion.

“Mord, go get Lady! Rape is gonna happen soon!” Weigraf hollers.

Tyrion breaks free of the bears hold while Kyomi throws another shuriken at the bear that was holding him and misses again. “Damn, not my day” she exclaims as Weigraf throws his bola but misses.
Outside the cave

Mord gets outside and and sees Lady still sitting where she was. “Lady! We need your help!there are bears attacking us.”

She glares at the cave. " I don’t like caves."

Mord gets angry “Poppycock! We need you to knock it off with the diva shit and help our team!”

Lady gets up angrily and stomps into the cave.
In the cave

Tyrion still having the bear grab at him sees Lady coming in angry and a darker shade of purple than normal. “Throw a fish.” she says.

He takes out a fish and throws it. The 3 bears in the back go to it and the one grabbing at Tyrion looks up at him hungry and expectingly. He threw half of what had in fish behind the bear. It turns to eat with his buddies.

They all leave the caves quickly.
Outside The cave

“Well, nature’s a bitch” said Weigraf.

“Yea! ‘NAture’” laughs Tyrion.

“I say we go north a bit to get away from this cave then set up camp before we get out of this forest.” suggest Weigraf

Lady gets ready to walk behind them.
A bit later

Tyrion finds some carrots and gives them to Kyomi to hold. Enough to feed 8 people.

Its getting to be late afternoon and twilight is upon our group.

Lady looks up.“Nosey dewdrops….. we should set up camp soon.”

They all settle in for the night and sleep long and hard.
In the middle of the night

Kyomi and Lady wake up to music playing softly. The sound seems to permeate the woods, you can’t get a good bead on the direction. They look at each other.

Kyomi listens deeply. Trying to place the tune. She could hear a piano and a couple of string and wind instruments. Then she picked up on something else, dancing and merriment.

They decide to lay back down with Kyomi on look out.
The next morning

It’s dark outside and they hear music as if the party is still going on. Lady climbs up a tree to look about her. and points in the direction the music is coming from.

THERE!” she points.

Weigraf sighs and says “someone should go check that out. Ursion and Mord looked like they wont be up for awhile.”

Everyone packs their stuff up and eat a nice breakfast of carrots. They decide to leave Mord and Ursion to sleep as they investigate the music. As the group wonders towards it, they happen upon a house that really shouldn’t be there. It was more than a house though, it was a large grand mansion. From afar they could see silhouettes in the windows laughing and dancing.

While most of the group was thinking of what to do, Lady just skips on up to the house and knocks loudly and hollers “ALLO!?”

The door creaks open and older looking butler answers the door. He smiles happily “Well welcome! We have been expecting you!”

Lady whirls to the group and shouts “THEY MIGHT HAVE CAKE! AND WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO PLAY HIDE AND SEEK!” then skips right in. The door still open the group decides to follow.

The butler guides them to the party then says “Welcome to the party, let us now have a fantastic evening!”

Tyrion asks for wine and then sniffs it for poison before he drinks deeply. Kyomi joins Lady and a couple of the aristocrats in dancing and Weigraf inspects the place suspiciously. Lady is taken by one of the men and goes with him up the stairs. Soon after that, dinner is served. The last three of the party sit and eat happily. A beautiful woman walks up to Weigraf and whispers sweet nothings in his ear. He nods and leaves with the woman before dinner was over.

Finally dinner is over. Kyomi plays charades and Tyrion speaks with the butler.

“So, may I ask what this engagement is for?” he inquires.

“Don’t worry about it, just enjoy your time here!” the butler says happily.

“Well,” Tyrion pressed"I’d like to know who my host are at least."

“A certain Mr. Gallerian. I’m afraid he could not be with us tonight, but it is his wish that the party carry on regardless.” replied the butler as he picked up the last of the dishes and went into the kitchen.

Tyrion scratched his head and went to the others. He watches as the group is merry and drinks. Finally, the party draws to an end. Kyomi is led to a bedroom and Tyrion is asked to stay and speak with the butler for a moment.
Next day

Kyomi wakes up and notices it is still dark outside. She listens and hears music pouring from downstairs. She looks out the window and sees the stars and admires them for a moment before something struck her. She couldn’t find any of the normal constellations that should be there. Backing away from the window confused she gets freshened and dressed and goes down stairs.

“Welcome! We were waiting for you!, Now the party can begin!” said one of the gentleman.

“Begin?! Hasn’t already happened?” she said in surprise,

Unable to tell if they were ignoring her or just too busy with their own conversations she receives no answer. The night continues much like the previous night. They sit talk, drink and dance, then dinner comes. Then everyone moves back into the party room. Kyomi attempts to go out the front door but the maid interrupts her. “Miss Kyomi, we are missing you.” she says sweetly.

Startled, Kyomi looks back at the maid “I must be going.”

“Oh well do have a safe journey, at this time of night it is very dangerous for a woman to be out by herself.” says the maid disappointingly and moves back to the party. Kyomi tries to open the door and finds it locked. She looks for windows and locking mechanisms but finds no way out. Dropping her head in disappointment she goes back to the party and finds the room empty.

She gets really creeped out now but maintains her composure and starts looking around. She comes across a clock and feels something might be special with it. She opens the face of it and finds that the hands of the clock are daggers. Suddenly the party appears behind her with creepy grins on thier faces. She looks down about to cast a grease spell and freezes, seeing that they were floating.

“It is time for you to join.” they say in unison.

Out of fear, she pulls off a hand of the clock to defend her self with. The dagger cuts deeply but she holds it firmly. Suddenly a passage way opens up behind her and she runs through it. As she runs she hears the breathing of the party behind her following slowly. Kyomi comes up to a grey stone room lit by torches filled with coffins. In three of them she sees Tyrion, Weigraf and Lady all asleep and naked. She goes to wake Tyrion and finds that his under an enchanted sleep. Suddenly the room fills with the aristocrats and servants and the metamorphose into fiendish ghouls whispering “Join us” in unison over and over again. Kyomi goes and strikes the closest one with the dagger. It screams in pain and vanishes.

Lady wakes up to the screaming and notices she is naked and freaks out. She take a look and sees Kyomi being attacked and lets off a few spells. After a short time, Kyomi and Lady have destroyed all the enemies.

Suddenly there is the sound of clapping and they are engulfed by darkness only to find themselves on stage. The group is no longer naked and instead awake with all thier gear. A hooded man, staying in the shadows camly says “Excellent, I expect great things from you.” and before they could say a word, they disappear and are back in the forest with daylight raining in on them.

Completely confused they look around and see a confused Mord. “Had a great adventure?” he hask.

The group explain everything that happen and decide its about time to start moving again.

Lady and Kyomi Go on an Adventure

Lady and Kyomi stay awake for a bit after everyone goes to sleep. Then Kyomi scurries over to Lady quietly. They move together quietly away from the party.

Lady looks up a little terrified. “The cave? With all the bears? You think we can take that on?”

Kyomi nodds and says “I know you don’t like caves, but I promise we will leave it after we kill the bears.”

They get to the cave and walk in. Lady sends horseman to wake one up but, they all wake up. “GREAT! Now we have 4 bears to deal with.” she says dryly.

They fight and fight letting off spells and arrows and shurikens. One of the bears bites Kyomi and she lets off a ear peiring scream as she bashes it in the head and is released.

Suddenly there a Knight appears, kinda out of no where. Lady looking and says “Well, if he dies it’ll be worth it.” and continues to kills the bears. Kyomi on the other hand “He is rather dashing.”

Finally they kill all the bears and forget to loot them for food and stuff. The knight did not die.

Kyomi looks at the Knight excitedly “Thank so very much sir knight, what may i call you?”

The knight grins “Lucky I was passing by. I am Leon Avadonia Knight commander of Lucifenia. And how shall I call you my good ladies?”

“You shall call me Kyomi” she says and then points at Lady “and her, Lady.”

Lady looked inspectingly at the Knight.“The faminne, you know anything about it?”

" Ah, yes, I’m afraid we’ve had a particularly dry year, not much we can do about it. We have some reserves but we’re seeking aid from neighboring countries. I was on my way back when I heard your screams" replied the Knight.

“Do you think your journey was at all successful?” inquired Kyomi.

The knight shook his head regrettably “No luck so far.”

“We heard a princess is in control of the country, what can you tell us about her?” Lady asked.

“The princess isn’t really a bad person, she’s just a bit naive when it comes to the ways of the world, and she shows little interest in learning. I try to help her the best I can.” she sad in a sad tone.

“So are you heading home to Lucifenia?” ask Lady.

“That I am, however I’ve received word of some highwayman harassing those leaving our country. I aim to put a stop to that before returning.” replied Leon.

“Would it be at all possible for you to guide me and my party there, im sure we’d be more than willing to help you with your mission” says Kyomi.

Leon agrees. They get back to the campp, covered in greese and blood and fall asleep together in the same bed.

Dragons, Mage, and Treasure
Holy crap! Thats a LOT!

Note from Adventure Log writer. I am skipping one. sorry but my comp went haywire and i just didnt feel like writing the previous one. so basically what has happened, after our little adventure with Lady and Kyomi, the group take out somebandits, Lady tried to take half the gold but being neutral evil she gave up half of the bounty to kyomi.. who then gave half of that to the others. and then lady being yelled at decided, instead of killing the whiny mean men, she would give them 5K gold and left with her 5K and let them take all the equipment to sell. soooo now we open when they wake up in a abandoned farm.
Next morning

Everyone wakes up to Sir Leon cooking ham he found. They eat and notice that the farm has been abandoned with lots of food in it. They figure something bad must have happened for them to leave thier home like that despite the famine. They continue on their journey and find another refugee camp. Leon finds his son, Allen, and they talk while the group goes to the chapel to heal and talk to citizens. Lady notices scorch marks made by electric magic and gets very upset. She goes to the temple to clean and purchases 20 potions. Leon and Allen decide they need to run off to the city and leave the group on their own. The party talks to the locals and discover that there are Wyrmlings (baby dragons) attacking the area and decide to go take tem out.they get to the cave and take out the dragons and a Mage who is controlling them and stumble upon a vast treasure of

72 Plat pieces
1383 gold pieces
10820 silver pieces
5 copper pieces
1 garnet worth 30 gold pieces
5 scrolls
2 potions
5 x Artisan’s Tools (5 gp, 5 lb)
Bag of Dried Mushrooms (1 gp, 1 lb)
30 x Bag of Wheat (1 cp, 1 lb)
2 x Ballista (500 gp)
14 x Bottle of Common Wine (1 sp, 4 lb)
Carriage (100 gp, 600 lb)
Chariot (100 gp, 200 lb)
Chisel (5 sp, 2 lb)
14 x Courtier’s Outfit (30 gp, 6 lb)
12 x Hammer (5 sp, 2 lb)
Iron Bar (1 sp, 5 lb)
Large Iron Box (2 gp, 100 lb)
Light Catapult (550 gp)
Loom (50 gp)
Merchant’s Scale (2 gp, 1 lb)
20 x Pair of Dice (1 sp)
6 x Pan Flute (1 gp, 1 lb)
Pavilion Tent (100 gp, 300 lb)
Sedan Chair (100 gp, 60 lb)
Small Cask of Ale (2 sp, 8 lb)

Lady takes with 14 plat pieces, 276 gold pieces, 2164 silver and the 2 potions. we havent decided what to do with the rest yet.

Details Details

So, we finally figure out what to do with the loot. We put the heavy stuff in the cave and carry what we can to sell. We get to the city of Lucifenia. We cant get into the castle and we talked to cute Allen (Leons kid) and he says we can help with the famine issue but doesnt give more than that. We find cheap housing and sleep.

  1. for 3 gp a month you live in a communal living situation, hostel or tavern common room. And you only have to keep track of purchases/taxes more than 1 sp
  1. for 10 gp you rent your own apartment, inn room or small house, and can obtain any object that costs less than 1 gp in 1d10 minutes. and don’t have to keep track of taxes/fees less than 1 gp
  1. for 100 gp a month you get a house or suite of rooms at a nice inn can obtain any non magical item worth 5gp or less in 1d10 minutes and only need to track meals and taxes worth more than 10 gp
  1. for 1000 gp a month you live in a mansion or similarly fancy home. you can obtain any non magical item worth 25 gp or less in 1d10 minutes and only need to keep track of meals or taxes in excess of 100 gp
The City and The Den

So, for the first time in ages. the ENTIRE party was present in the city. They all sleep in different areas, wake up and move to the Lodge where Allen is waiting for up. Allen tells that blue dragons (that can dry up moisture, is the cause of the famine. The group, saysthey already destroyed one. Apparently its 30K gold per den destroyed. He also says they have located 2 of them. His sister with a small force is out to destroy one, Leon by himself is out to destroy one and there is one more no one can find yet. So the ggroup, being mostly good of some sort, go and help Leon.

There they find cloakers, kill them and continue forward in the cave. More creatures jump out, they slay them all.

The loot:
30 pp
555 gp
688 sp
4230 cp

1 masterwork quarterstaff
1 masterwork padded armor
wand of mage hand
scroll of certain grip
and gems

and more. Join us Every Thursday at 6pm CST!

Dragon's Den

So, everyone went forwards and found a group and killed them. They then discovered a new guy who is evil buit really weird. He likes to be called Mors. Then a Dragon appeared, biggest yet and we killed it too. Found a big treasure stock pile, (cuz you know dragons roll cool).

149 pp
3181 gp
4544 sp
6290 cp
1 Agate

1 Amethyst
1 Aquamarine
1 Black Pearl
1 Bloodstone
1 Citrine

2 Chrysoberyl
1 Chrysoprase
2 Coral
2 Deep Blue Spinel
1 Green Spinel
1 Hematite

2 Jade
3 Jet
1 Lapis Lazuli
3 Malachite
1 Obsidian
1 Onyx

1 Opal
1 Peridot
1 Rhodochrosite
1 Rose Quartz
1 Saltwater Pearl
1 Sard

1 Sardonyx
2 Shell
3 Smoky Quartz
4 Tourmaline
2 Zircon

1 Amphora of Common Wine
1 Amphora of Vinegar
2 Backpacks
14 Bag of 10 Pitons
28 Bag of Common Spice
6 Bag of Dried Mushrooms

1 Bag of Iron Nails
1 Bolt of Linen
1 Bottle of Good Wine
25 Bottle of Vinegar
10 Box of Charcoal
1 Bronze Statuette of a warrior

1 Canopy Bed
1 Carved jade idol
1 Cauldron
1 Common hat
1 Copper and glass decanter
1 Chandelier

1 Chest
2 Dagger
1 Darkwood Lute
8 Desk
1 Explorere’s Outfit
35 Flask of Oil

1 Gilded demon skull
1 Glaive
1 Gold and leather scabbard
1 Gold and platinum statuette of a deity
1 Gold and silver chess set
2 Gold and silver hand mirror

1 Gold chalice with griffon carvings
1 Gold flagon with religious markings
1 Gold puzzle box
1 Gold statue of a dragon
1 Gold statue of a lion
13 Handsaw

1 Hemp Rope
2 Ivory bowl with animal carvings
2 Ivory drinking horn with silver ends
1 Ivory mask with Gold inlays
2 Large Wooden Chest
1 Lance

1 Light Crossbow
1 Longbow
2 Longsword
1 Noble’s Outfit
2 Padded Armor
1 Pair of Snowshoes

27 Pole (10’)
2 Polished darkwood chalice
9 Potions
1 Portable Ram
1 Preserved beast head on a plaque
2 Quarterstaff

1 Rope Ladder
1 Round Table
69 Sack
1 Sack of Animal Feed
1 Sack of Apples
1 Sarcophagus

1 Scale Mail
6 Scrolls
1 Sedan Chair
3 Shortsword
1 Silver baby rattle
3 Silver candelabra with holy symbol

1 Silver comb with gold handle
1 Silver noble family seal
6 Silver statue of a dragon
1 Sled
1 Small Cask of Common Spice
8 Small Cask of Dried Figs

1 Small Cask of Pickled Fish
1 Small Cask of Tobacco
1 Small Cask of Wax
11 Small Glass Rod
7 Small Hunting Trap
2 Small Magnet

9 Small Wooden Chest
4 Studded Leather Armor
3 Tiny Wooden Box
3 Wagon
1 Wardrobe
1 Waterskin

7 Wands
1 Whip

What is left after this mess of stuff? well a lot. we go back to the city and a couple decide to do thier own thing. They get hired to clear a house but end up burning it down and Escape to the sewers. Yea, those idiots did GREAT! Will Tyrion and Kyomi die? Will the group find out why Allen is not interested in women? What about the crap loads of gold everyone earned from clearing the dens?? Will the group get Lady a HAT?! All will be discovered tonight!

UPDATE After Long Vacation

Ok! so we all had a great holiday I hope.

Sooo update for both Story lines, cliff notes style

Storyline 1- Lady, Kyomi, and Tyrion

Ok …sooo Tyrion and Lady were murdered by Weigraf.. then went through some magical realm of awesome undead.. was told people were sleeping, Horseman is missing and must find the Sorceress of Time. Tyrion and Lady return to the living world and find that a few months had past and BOOM its almost Christmas. They find Kyomi and stuff.. threesomes occur (yes literally) and they find a dead Sir Leon and think his son killed him. Tried many things to get invites, still don’t have it. They did some spelunking and stuff… and like killed things.. and got transported… and now its the day of the Christmas party.

Storyline 2- Weigraf, Mordecai, and Orionson

They run for it after murdering Tyrion and Lady. They go to their houses to get their shit. Some crazy shit with being abducted by clowns, breaking into prisons and failing to break out. Got Trap in some maze and found shadowy people. And talk to someone important but our wonderful GM, with a great storyline, forgot.

So happy new year and let’s start this up again. Wanna Play too? It’ll be fun! :D

Attack of the Killer Snowmen!


So we had a great time this past Monday. Regrouping and bringing everyone together. I am sure this upcoming Thursday will be FANTASTIC! Remember to start grouping about 4-5pm Central time.

Here is What happened last time:


Weigraf and Mordecai failed in their attempt to break some guys out of prison. As a result, they were put in jail. Later, They offered a choice between prison time for murder and trying to break out criminals, or to serve out their time in the Lucifenia’s guard. Obviously they chose to serve out their time in the guard. But not allowed to have their items back until after time was served. Months have past and new scars and age have changed their appearances. They are not as recognizable as before. Due to this, Lady, Tyrion, and Kyomi do not know who they are, yet. Several months have passed though, and Weigraf and Mordecai, with their new lives in the guards, have all but forgotten who they murdered since they felt justified in doing so.
Kyomi and Lady step out of the Ice Wizard’s house. They notice it’s getting REALLY cold where they are and start heading home. They take the route that goes through the square and notice, Snowmen Gaurds, murdering people on the street and begin to fight them. A unknown Archer comes up near them and fights with them. Lady gets annoyed and heads for the tent where they keep respawning from, with Kyomi following close behind, melting the Snowmen as they go.
Weigraf and Mordecai, continue to head to the Tavern as it is close to the end of their city patrol shift. They laugh and joke and were about to sit for a beer when they hear the noises outside of screams. They come out and see Snowmen guards attacking people. They start killing the snowmen and consider going after the other snowmen but decide instead to go straight o the source of the problem. the hack and slash until they finally enter the circus tent.
A lone Archer, sits for a beer exhausted. “Finally Princess, we have made it, time for a beer.” He says as something moves around in his hood. Suddenly, he is startled by blood curdling screams outside. He looks out the window to investigate and notices snowmen killing people. “Can’t catch a break, can we sweetheart?” he says in a low growl and moves outside to join a couple of women attacking the snowmen. He shoots off some arrows noticing they are easy to take down. The Archer then notices the young purple elf move slowly towards the tent with her friend and follows behind. Watching the friend’s behind move seductively, he jumps up and kisses her. “Excuse me!?” she exclaims in anger while keeping a watchful eye on the enemies still moving towards the tent behind the Purple Elf. “No worries Sexy, I got your back.” he says and follows them into the tent.

Well, that’s it you guys! That’s what happened! :D See you all Jan. 16, Thursday at about 4-5pm Central time! :D


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