Story of Evil

A Cave and a Party

Weigraf looked at the team. “We need to go north now! If hey send a search party we will be fucked!”

Kyomi finally awakes discovering she is on Tyrion’s shoulder. He puts her down. " Where are we?"

“These tulips fought with some soldiers and now we are hiding in the woods” explained Lady.

“Someone was shooting at them too” roared Weig.

“To save you and Mord!” she shot back angrity.

Kyomi shook her head in shock. Lady hugged Kyomi “Its ok! I kept you safe!” Kyomi patted Lady’s head and thanked her. “You liek your color!” I love your tail! Can I have one!? To go with the hat you are gonna get me!?"
Kyomi takes a good look at herself “How did this happen?” Lady looked up broadly.

Weigraf scoffs at them. “Women. Lets go to the road and head north.” They start walking towards road.

Getting close they hear horses. Lady Stopped “No we can’t there are probably soldiers looking for you.”

Kyomi looked again. “They are looking for us?!”

“Everyone except me and you, Kyomi” replied Lady.

“Hmm, then perhaps i can help you guys” said Kyomi “I can at least tell you guys when all is clear”

Lady shook her head “Lets go through the woods”

The men all looked at eachother. Mord came up and said " We do stick out so it would be best to avoid the main road"

Weigraf took out his compass. Lady hopps on weigrafs back and points “To he whirlies!” He pushes her off him. Lady looks sad and walks, whispering with horseman.

While on the way to see if they can do any good in the north, the group explains to Kyomi about all that happened while she was sleeping.
A few hours later

The forest was thinning. Weigraf handed out some of his rations to those hungry. He offered some to Lady who held up her hand and said “I will wait for the fish, i am still full.” as the forest began to thin.

Tyrion stopped the group. “We need to find a cave or something.” Kyomi disappeared and took a look around came back.

“Looks like there is a area that might have a cave nearby.” she reported. They start looking for a cave.

They come across a cave. Tyrion, Mord, Weig, and Kyomi all decide to explore the caves but Lady decides to wait outside and Ursion waits with her.
In the Cave

Kyomi made Tyrion’s sword glow so that they may see a bit. They slowly creep through the pitch blackness of the cave listening and waiting as they move. They get to a fork in the path.

“So left or right?” says Tyrion.

Weigraf looks around, “We should split up.” butthen the pungent smell of fowl invaded their senses. they grew quiet and heard breathing from on of the paths. “Well, I’ll go the otherway. Still too injured to face anything today. Mord, you comewith?” Kyomi lt Mord s mask up so they could see.

“Well, that leaves you and I to venture into the unknown.” says Tyrion to Kyomi.

“Sounds like fun!” she replies and they move off towards the breathing.

They move down the path. Kyomi stops Tyrion as they hear the breathing getting louder and begins to move quietly and stealthily towards the breathing.
Eastern path

Mordecai and Weigraf come up on a deep pond of water.

“Serpent or something over there you think?” Weigraf asked.

Mordecai looked about,“Maybe but we should get back to the others. Lets set up a trap and go so that if something does come, we can hear it howling on the way.”

They set up the trap and move quietly back to the fork.
Northern Path

Kyomi whispers a magical message to Tyrion. “I hear growling up ahead.”

“Do you want to continue?” he asks?

“Yes but be cautious.”

They move a bit further and discovers 3 bears. The bears wakes up to the light and get angry at being disturbed. Another bear appears hearing the commotion getting pissed. They smell something and lick thier lips sniffing at Tyrion. They smell the fish on him but he forgot they were there and tried moving. They get angry. “KYOMI RUN!” Tyrion shouts as he runs in her direction.

She takes a look and sees 4 bears looking hungry and annoyed. She whispers and a pool of greas appears on the ground infront of the bears. 2 of the bears step on the grease and appear to have good footing. One of the bears moved through the grease and grabs Tyrion. He let’s out a yelp and is unable to get away.

Kyomi begins giving an inspiring speech and then throws a shuriken at the bear near Tyrion and misses. Weigraf comes up behind her and see the bear on top of Tyrion.

“Mord, go get Lady! Rape is gonna happen soon!” Weigraf hollers.

Tyrion breaks free of the bears hold while Kyomi throws another shuriken at the bear that was holding him and misses again. “Damn, not my day” she exclaims as Weigraf throws his bola but misses.
Outside the cave

Mord gets outside and and sees Lady still sitting where she was. “Lady! We need your help!there are bears attacking us.”

She glares at the cave. " I don’t like caves."

Mord gets angry “Poppycock! We need you to knock it off with the diva shit and help our team!”

Lady gets up angrily and stomps into the cave.
In the cave

Tyrion still having the bear grab at him sees Lady coming in angry and a darker shade of purple than normal. “Throw a fish.” she says.

He takes out a fish and throws it. The 3 bears in the back go to it and the one grabbing at Tyrion looks up at him hungry and expectingly. He threw half of what had in fish behind the bear. It turns to eat with his buddies.

They all leave the caves quickly.
Outside The cave

“Well, nature’s a bitch” said Weigraf.

“Yea! ‘NAture’” laughs Tyrion.

“I say we go north a bit to get away from this cave then set up camp before we get out of this forest.” suggest Weigraf

Lady gets ready to walk behind them.
A bit later

Tyrion finds some carrots and gives them to Kyomi to hold. Enough to feed 8 people.

Its getting to be late afternoon and twilight is upon our group.

Lady looks up.“Nosey dewdrops….. we should set up camp soon.”

They all settle in for the night and sleep long and hard.
In the middle of the night

Kyomi and Lady wake up to music playing softly. The sound seems to permeate the woods, you can’t get a good bead on the direction. They look at each other.

Kyomi listens deeply. Trying to place the tune. She could hear a piano and a couple of string and wind instruments. Then she picked up on something else, dancing and merriment.

They decide to lay back down with Kyomi on look out.
The next morning

It’s dark outside and they hear music as if the party is still going on. Lady climbs up a tree to look about her. and points in the direction the music is coming from.

THERE!” she points.

Weigraf sighs and says “someone should go check that out. Ursion and Mord looked like they wont be up for awhile.”

Everyone packs their stuff up and eat a nice breakfast of carrots. They decide to leave Mord and Ursion to sleep as they investigate the music. As the group wonders towards it, they happen upon a house that really shouldn’t be there. It was more than a house though, it was a large grand mansion. From afar they could see silhouettes in the windows laughing and dancing.

While most of the group was thinking of what to do, Lady just skips on up to the house and knocks loudly and hollers “ALLO!?”

The door creaks open and older looking butler answers the door. He smiles happily “Well welcome! We have been expecting you!”

Lady whirls to the group and shouts “THEY MIGHT HAVE CAKE! AND WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO PLAY HIDE AND SEEK!” then skips right in. The door still open the group decides to follow.

The butler guides them to the party then says “Welcome to the party, let us now have a fantastic evening!”

Tyrion asks for wine and then sniffs it for poison before he drinks deeply. Kyomi joins Lady and a couple of the aristocrats in dancing and Weigraf inspects the place suspiciously. Lady is taken by one of the men and goes with him up the stairs. Soon after that, dinner is served. The last three of the party sit and eat happily. A beautiful woman walks up to Weigraf and whispers sweet nothings in his ear. He nods and leaves with the woman before dinner was over.

Finally dinner is over. Kyomi plays charades and Tyrion speaks with the butler.

“So, may I ask what this engagement is for?” he inquires.

“Don’t worry about it, just enjoy your time here!” the butler says happily.

“Well,” Tyrion pressed"I’d like to know who my host are at least."

“A certain Mr. Gallerian. I’m afraid he could not be with us tonight, but it is his wish that the party carry on regardless.” replied the butler as he picked up the last of the dishes and went into the kitchen.

Tyrion scratched his head and went to the others. He watches as the group is merry and drinks. Finally, the party draws to an end. Kyomi is led to a bedroom and Tyrion is asked to stay and speak with the butler for a moment.
Next day

Kyomi wakes up and notices it is still dark outside. She listens and hears music pouring from downstairs. She looks out the window and sees the stars and admires them for a moment before something struck her. She couldn’t find any of the normal constellations that should be there. Backing away from the window confused she gets freshened and dressed and goes down stairs.

“Welcome! We were waiting for you!, Now the party can begin!” said one of the gentleman.

“Begin?! Hasn’t already happened?” she said in surprise,

Unable to tell if they were ignoring her or just too busy with their own conversations she receives no answer. The night continues much like the previous night. They sit talk, drink and dance, then dinner comes. Then everyone moves back into the party room. Kyomi attempts to go out the front door but the maid interrupts her. “Miss Kyomi, we are missing you.” she says sweetly.

Startled, Kyomi looks back at the maid “I must be going.”

“Oh well do have a safe journey, at this time of night it is very dangerous for a woman to be out by herself.” says the maid disappointingly and moves back to the party. Kyomi tries to open the door and finds it locked. She looks for windows and locking mechanisms but finds no way out. Dropping her head in disappointment she goes back to the party and finds the room empty.

She gets really creeped out now but maintains her composure and starts looking around. She comes across a clock and feels something might be special with it. She opens the face of it and finds that the hands of the clock are daggers. Suddenly the party appears behind her with creepy grins on thier faces. She looks down about to cast a grease spell and freezes, seeing that they were floating.

“It is time for you to join.” they say in unison.

Out of fear, she pulls off a hand of the clock to defend her self with. The dagger cuts deeply but she holds it firmly. Suddenly a passage way opens up behind her and she runs through it. As she runs she hears the breathing of the party behind her following slowly. Kyomi comes up to a grey stone room lit by torches filled with coffins. In three of them she sees Tyrion, Weigraf and Lady all asleep and naked. She goes to wake Tyrion and finds that his under an enchanted sleep. Suddenly the room fills with the aristocrats and servants and the metamorphose into fiendish ghouls whispering “Join us” in unison over and over again. Kyomi goes and strikes the closest one with the dagger. It screams in pain and vanishes.

Lady wakes up to the screaming and notices she is naked and freaks out. She take a look and sees Kyomi being attacked and lets off a few spells. After a short time, Kyomi and Lady have destroyed all the enemies.

Suddenly there is the sound of clapping and they are engulfed by darkness only to find themselves on stage. The group is no longer naked and instead awake with all thier gear. A hooded man, staying in the shadows camly says “Excellent, I expect great things from you.” and before they could say a word, they disappear and are back in the forest with daylight raining in on them.

Completely confused they look around and see a confused Mord. “Had a great adventure?” he hask.

The group explain everything that happen and decide its about time to start moving again.



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