Story of Evil

Attack of the Killer Snowmen!


So we had a great time this past Monday. Regrouping and bringing everyone together. I am sure this upcoming Thursday will be FANTASTIC! Remember to start grouping about 4-5pm Central time.

Here is What happened last time:


Weigraf and Mordecai failed in their attempt to break some guys out of prison. As a result, they were put in jail. Later, They offered a choice between prison time for murder and trying to break out criminals, or to serve out their time in the Lucifenia’s guard. Obviously they chose to serve out their time in the guard. But not allowed to have their items back until after time was served. Months have past and new scars and age have changed their appearances. They are not as recognizable as before. Due to this, Lady, Tyrion, and Kyomi do not know who they are, yet. Several months have passed though, and Weigraf and Mordecai, with their new lives in the guards, have all but forgotten who they murdered since they felt justified in doing so.
Kyomi and Lady step out of the Ice Wizard’s house. They notice it’s getting REALLY cold where they are and start heading home. They take the route that goes through the square and notice, Snowmen Gaurds, murdering people on the street and begin to fight them. A unknown Archer comes up near them and fights with them. Lady gets annoyed and heads for the tent where they keep respawning from, with Kyomi following close behind, melting the Snowmen as they go.
Weigraf and Mordecai, continue to head to the Tavern as it is close to the end of their city patrol shift. They laugh and joke and were about to sit for a beer when they hear the noises outside of screams. They come out and see Snowmen guards attacking people. They start killing the snowmen and consider going after the other snowmen but decide instead to go straight o the source of the problem. the hack and slash until they finally enter the circus tent.
A lone Archer, sits for a beer exhausted. “Finally Princess, we have made it, time for a beer.” He says as something moves around in his hood. Suddenly, he is startled by blood curdling screams outside. He looks out the window to investigate and notices snowmen killing people. “Can’t catch a break, can we sweetheart?” he says in a low growl and moves outside to join a couple of women attacking the snowmen. He shoots off some arrows noticing they are easy to take down. The Archer then notices the young purple elf move slowly towards the tent with her friend and follows behind. Watching the friend’s behind move seductively, he jumps up and kisses her. “Excuse me!?” she exclaims in anger while keeping a watchful eye on the enemies still moving towards the tent behind the Purple Elf. “No worries Sexy, I got your back.” he says and follows them into the tent.

Well, that’s it you guys! That’s what happened! :D See you all Jan. 16, Thursday at about 4-5pm Central time! :D



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