Story of Evil

Lady and Kyomi Go on an Adventure

Lady and Kyomi stay awake for a bit after everyone goes to sleep. Then Kyomi scurries over to Lady quietly. They move together quietly away from the party.

Lady looks up a little terrified. “The cave? With all the bears? You think we can take that on?”

Kyomi nodds and says “I know you don’t like caves, but I promise we will leave it after we kill the bears.”

They get to the cave and walk in. Lady sends horseman to wake one up but, they all wake up. “GREAT! Now we have 4 bears to deal with.” she says dryly.

They fight and fight letting off spells and arrows and shurikens. One of the bears bites Kyomi and she lets off a ear peiring scream as she bashes it in the head and is released.

Suddenly there a Knight appears, kinda out of no where. Lady looking and says “Well, if he dies it’ll be worth it.” and continues to kills the bears. Kyomi on the other hand “He is rather dashing.”

Finally they kill all the bears and forget to loot them for food and stuff. The knight did not die.

Kyomi looks at the Knight excitedly “Thank so very much sir knight, what may i call you?”

The knight grins “Lucky I was passing by. I am Leon Avadonia Knight commander of Lucifenia. And how shall I call you my good ladies?”

“You shall call me Kyomi” she says and then points at Lady “and her, Lady.”

Lady looked inspectingly at the Knight.“The faminne, you know anything about it?”

" Ah, yes, I’m afraid we’ve had a particularly dry year, not much we can do about it. We have some reserves but we’re seeking aid from neighboring countries. I was on my way back when I heard your screams" replied the Knight.

“Do you think your journey was at all successful?” inquired Kyomi.

The knight shook his head regrettably “No luck so far.”

“We heard a princess is in control of the country, what can you tell us about her?” Lady asked.

“The princess isn’t really a bad person, she’s just a bit naive when it comes to the ways of the world, and she shows little interest in learning. I try to help her the best I can.” she sad in a sad tone.

“So are you heading home to Lucifenia?” ask Lady.

“That I am, however I’ve received word of some highwayman harassing those leaving our country. I aim to put a stop to that before returning.” replied Leon.

“Would it be at all possible for you to guide me and my party there, im sure we’d be more than willing to help you with your mission” says Kyomi.

Leon agrees. They get back to the campp, covered in greese and blood and fall asleep together in the same bed.



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