Story of Evil

The City and The Den

So, for the first time in ages. the ENTIRE party was present in the city. They all sleep in different areas, wake up and move to the Lodge where Allen is waiting for up. Allen tells that blue dragons (that can dry up moisture, is the cause of the famine. The group, saysthey already destroyed one. Apparently its 30K gold per den destroyed. He also says they have located 2 of them. His sister with a small force is out to destroy one, Leon by himself is out to destroy one and there is one more no one can find yet. So the ggroup, being mostly good of some sort, go and help Leon.

There they find cloakers, kill them and continue forward in the cave. More creatures jump out, they slay them all.

The loot:
30 pp
555 gp
688 sp
4230 cp

1 masterwork quarterstaff
1 masterwork padded armor
wand of mage hand
scroll of certain grip
and gems

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