Story of Evil

Well, that's one way to start the morning

Crazy and surprising

The rain still poured outside of the chapel. Injured Kyomi and Tyrion were bent over the unconscious Weigraf. The battle that night was long and hard. Mordecai slept in a pew from the exhaustion.

“You think he is gonna be, ok?” Kyomi asked Tyrion.

“I don’t know. Let me try something.” Tyrion replied. He removed his gauntlet and gently laid his massive hand on Weigraf’s forehead. A glow occurred from his hand for a moment then faded. Color appeared to return to Weigraf’s face but he still laid unconscious.

“That is the most I can do for him. Now he must rest.” He said looking at the worried Kyomi with her cute face filled with concern.

Suddenly, there was a loud roaring racket from outside. Kyomi and Tyrion jumped to their feet, awaiting what was to come. The noise grew louder and louder.

“It’s coming straight for us, I wonder what it is” Kyomi said.

Suddenly, a ball of purple light crashed through the chapel and landed in the back pews. Kyomi’s ears flickered, listening for sounds. Tyrion guarded Weigraf. Mordecai continued to snore loudly. Unaffected by the explosive noise.

“I’ll go take a look, you watch Weigraf.” Ordered Kyomi.

Tyrion looked at her then at Weigraf. “Fine, but be careful.” he told her.

Kyomi moved quickly and quietly towards the crash site.She peered over the side of the crater, carefully, and her eyes widen a bit.

A teenage purple girl stood up dizzily and patted the dust off her red and gold dress and long purple hair. “Wow, that tasted purple!” she said in a high pitch girl voice.

I’ve never known anything to taste purple.” Thought Kyomi to her self. “Hey you, who are you? You ok?”

The girl ignored her and instead looked at a space of air and said “Why yes, I do believe they are here.”

“Who goes there? Friend or Foe?” Called out an impatient Tyrion. Kyomi shot him an annoyed look.

The girl continued to ignore them and continued talking to the spot of air but more angrily. “YOU HAD THE MAP! What do you MEAN you don’t know if we are where we are suppose to be?!”

Tyrion moved toward Kyomi with a confused look and commented " Right then. Kyomi, I fear this one may be insane."

Kyomi tried to perceive something out of the girl and got nothing. She was as unreadable as a doornail.

Kyomi moved a little closer to the girl and called out “Oy, Can you tell me your name?”

“Well, I hope we are in the right area. Otherwise, I’m gonna rip your wings off!” addressing the spot of air. She then twirled and takes notice of Kyomi.

Kyomi looked dumbfounded by the her. The girl then began to walk around Kyomi, inspecting her, poking at her butt and and sides.

“Can you understand me?” asked Kyomi.

“Of course, silly.” the girl remarked playfully while inspecting the sash around Kyomi’s waist.

“Could have fooled me” remarked Tyrion.

The girl then stopped and looked at the air, “Yes, I agree, they are very odd.”

“And there she goes again” laughed Tyrion.

Kyomi looked worried and confused, “Well, you certainly seem out of it for a moment, talking to yourself.”

The girl stood up angrily and pointed at the spot of air. “I do not talk to myself, thank you! I speak with my servant”

Kyomi looked puzzeled at her. “Oh, a servant? I’m afraid I see nothing dear.”

The girl looked excitedly suddenly, " Why yes!" as if she remembered something that made everything make sense to her.

“Is that the purpose then? To be unseen?” Kyomi asked, eager for answers.

“I think the purpose is to test our sanity.” joked Tyrion. He leaned against a pew with his massive self and crossed his arms looking annoyed at the girl.

The girl looked seriously into Kyomi’s eyes and said " Well, you’ll see more clearly with your eyes closed."

“Why is that?” asked Kyomi.

The girl cocked her head to one side put a finger to her chin and replied “Because you do. It’s simple.” matter of factly spoken.

Kyomi rubbed her temples, feeling a headache coming on. Then the girl ran up real close to Kyomi with a happy face. “You have a hat?”

Kyomi pointed at the top of her head. “No, I do not.”

The girl puffed up and began to talk to air again. “You told me I could try on HATS!”

Tyrion shook his head and a thought came to him. “Maybe we could make a hat out of one of the bat’s lungs. From the kills last night.”

The girl vanished and then appeared a couple of seconds later right in Tyrion’s face. Big eyes wide with excitement, her own red and gold trimmed hat clutched in her hands under her chin. “In purple?”

Tyrion leaned back a bit to get some distance “Err, maybe? I don’t tan things. I provide dead animals for others to make pretty things.”

Her eyes got bigger. The purple and silver sparkling, a little drool formed at the corner of her mouth. " Preeetty things? Like hats? I would like a pretty purple hat." she said.

Tyrion backed up slowly. “I’m sure we can find a pretty purple hat in the next town. Now could you tell us why you’re here exactly?”

A puzzeled look appeared on the girls face. “I was sent here, duh!” Then looks at her invisible servant. “You said they would be expecting us! Last time I EVER let you ride the color train for our travel plans with out me!”

Tyrion looked to Kyomi. She shrugged and shook her head. Neither of them were expecting this little psycho purple kid. Tyrion hung his head.

“Are you from nearby?” asked Kyomi.

The girl whirled around and looked at Kyomi astonished. “I fell out of the sky! Of course I’m not!”

“So you are from the sky then?”

“Does that really matter? The whole notion of being or have been is so unimportant in the grand scheme of the rainbow. I was sent to help. So help I will.” said the girl looking for just a moment older than by years than before.

Kyomi threw her hands in the air, mentally exhausted. “We accept your help. More than anything we need help nursing our friend back to health.” and pointed at Weigraf on a pew.

The girl looked at Weigraf, and as if an explosion occurred in her little midn she took off running to him. “WEIGY! I MISSED YOU!” She exclaimed and cuddled his limp body.

Tyrion came up and patted the girl on the shoulder, “I don’t think he can hear you.”

She gave him a blank stare “Silly, of course he can!”

Tyrion slumped into a pew. " Ok!, I’m not hear to argue, I’m here to drink and swing my sword." he exclaimed “So let me drink.” He then took out a flask from a secret pocket and tok a long swig. Kyomi came up next to him and just stared at Weigraf and the girl, more confused than when the ball of light first hit.

Kyomi then looked at the hole in the chapel roof. “Well at least it stopped raining” she thought.

Then, Kyomi’s ears flickered and she looked out a window. “What now?!” she cried.

Tyrion put his flask away and got up realizing break time was over. “Shall we find out?”

Kyomi nodded and looked at the girl. She was bent down with her knees under her chin petting Weigraf and talking to what she imagined was the supposed servant in whispers.

“You coming with girl?” Tyrion asked.

The girl looked at him, stuck out her tongue and formed the words, “NO” in the air with purple glowing smoke and went back to what she was doing.

“Oy, ok.” Tyrion said rubbing a templ. “Let’s go Kyomi.”

They step out of the church and walk quietly around the chapel and spot a tall young man with black hair out on the road surrounded by bandits.

“Oh boy, this will interfere with my drinking won’t it.” remarked Tyrion as he moved closer to the scene.

Kyomi smirk and stayed back. Her wound still fresh, she wouldn’t be of much use up close this time.

“Well lets see here,” the man said happily. and pointed out his finger at each bandit, “There is 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5… and one little old me. You guys do realize that your about to fight a sorcerer, right? You know, I could, turn into a dragon or something.” and began pulsing with magical energy, hoping to intimidate the bandits. Suddenly, the sorcerer’s hair turned pink. The bandits looked at eachother and decided hair changing color, no big deal.

The sorcerer’s face darkened “Right now, I’m hungry and cranky” and the pulses of magic got stronger and he looked at one bandit. Giant purple smoke kitties appeared and hissed at the bandits.

Tyrion came up and says " I’d suggest a step back gentlemen. You want to start trouble with me around." The bandits ignore him and concentrate on the sorcerer.

Suddenly, a arrow was shot at Urison. Urison dodged to the left. The bandits move in. Kyomi was targeted first and a bandit punched her to the ground. She laid there for a moment. The bandit turned and was charged down by Tyrion. His sword tore through the bandit leaving nothing but a bleeding sack of meat.

Kyomi stood up and a arrow grazed her shoulder. The sorcerer got a knee to his back. Kyomi starts singing. Tyrion and the sorcerer feel stronger, more confident. The sorcerer moved away from the bandits quickly and a ice dagger appeared in his hand.

Tyrion charged again at a bandit, but he dodged the attack looking pleased with himself. Kyomi sat on the wet grass and continued singing her magical song.

The bandit grouped again. Suddenly there was a crash of glass from the chapel. The girl dragging the lifeless Weigraf by his arm. Put out one of her hands at the archer. A bright purple light missile erupted from her hand and hit the archer making a little crater. She giggled happily at the carnage.

Tyrion looked at the girl in surprise, " Ok.. That guy got wrecked!"

The sorcerer stared “Holy Fuck! What the hell was that!?”

Tyrion smiled “A smoking crater of a bandit getting made”

The bandits began to ran, scared for their lives after watching their commander get taken out. The girl jumped excitedly “CHASE CHASE! I WANT TO CHASE!” with a lace of bloodlust in her eyes.

Kyomi, feeling an adrenaline rush began to chase. Tyrion went after her worried about her injuries. The two new people followed, with the girl dragging Weigarf by his arm.

“I agree, Kyomi has a great eye for fun! Maybe she will play hide and seek with cupcakes and cats later with me!” said the girl addressing the air to her right.

The girl stopped running huffing and puffing. She looks at Weigraf " You put some weight on! You should go on a diet." Then turned to look at the path. She held up her hand i nthe shape of gun, aimed and said “BANG!” and let off another purple bolt of light turning his old spot into another crater.

Tyrion caught up to two of them. He grabbed one slammed him down with his massive shield and drove his sword through the man’s head. The other one continued to run. Desperate to live.

The sorcerer continued to chase and then the bandit found himself face to face with Kyomi. Her blood was pouring from her shoulder, song still being sung proudly, and a face of determination. Behind the bandit Tyrion stood ready/. The bandit then charged Kyomi, upper cutting her chin hard. She feel to the ground and changed.

KYOMI!” Cried Tyrion

Suddenly and arrow flew past Tyrion and landed in the bandits head. The sorcerer, carrying across bow huffed and moved closer to Tyrion. “Is she ok?”

Tyrion look at kyomi worried. “Yea, just knocked out good. She shouldn’t have gone out lek that with those wounds!”

The girl, still dragging Weigarf, and the sorcerer came close.

“Alright then, who are ya lot?” demanded Tyrion.

The girl bent down and marveled at Kyomi. and whispered “Kitsune…” petting the soft brown fur.

The sorcerer made a magnificent bow “Ursion. I thank you and your little fox sexy lady for helping me out.” and then looked at the girl. "Who’s little miss giggles?

“Frankly, I don’t know.” said Tyrion.

“Oy, Lady Pointy Hat!” The little girl stood up abruptly, turned and took a deep breath. " I am the Lady of the Apocalypse. I prefer being called Lady." then points at open air " This here is Horsemen, my servant." She then looks right at Ursion. A giant purple fog formed an arrow at Ursion “Call me Lady Pointy Hat again! I dare you!”

“Now now, you keep talking about that hat. If you want it you better play nice!” cooed Tyrion

The girl jumped up in excitement and then turned to Kyomi and whispered “You hear that! They gonna buy me a hat!”

Ursion came up to Tyrion’s side, “We should ditch her.”

“Did you see those craters?! We need firepower like hers!” whispered Tyrion with a fake grin on his face.

“By the way jerk,” Lady addressed Ursion,“Pink suits you!”

The sorcerer looked into Tyrion’s shield and shrieked “Turn it back now you brat!”

The girl shrugged and turned Ursion’s hair back and Kyomi’s fur purple.

“Well, time to think of what to do next.” Tyrion said exhaustively, “There’s a town a couple f day’s away. I suggest we leave Weigraf with Mordecai, leave a note on him and tell them to meet us at the Town.”

“I’ll carry the fox lady if you want” said Ursion “The least I can do”

“You’r coming with?” asked Tyrion.

“Till something better comes along, why not?” Ursion replied.

“Lady what about you?”

Lady grabbed Kyomi’s arm then hopped on Tyrion’s shoulders’. “ONWARD!To my pretty purple hat!” She proclaimed pointing in a random direction.

Tyrion rolled his eyes. “You heard the brat, on ward.”

So they all went back to the chapel, left a note on Mordecais snoring body. Weigraf on a pew near by and took off. Lady on Tyrion’s shoulders and Kyomi slung over Ursion’s shoulders to the city.

What will await our little group? What will happen next? To be continued

Next session will be August 8th at 6pm EST. See y’all there!



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